Episode 62: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with TJ Perry

The Flatmattersonline exclusives are back and flowing, every Sunday at 6pm GMT is what I am aiming. The exclusives started back with a boom last week when the Women’s UCI World Champion, Irina Sadovnik came through with an amazing x-handed hang 5 to x-handed whiplash out for episode 61!

Can we get to 100 episodes I asked?

TJ Perry hit me up shortly after 61 dropped with an awesome fire hydrant step crackpacker to two footed front yard to crack 360 flapjack clip for episode 62! Great to see TJ back after a 5 year hiatus, he’s gone from riding the roughest parking lot to becoming a real estate agent and owning his own property with his own personal garage spot now making tyres last for months!

It’s great to see TJ back into riding, TJ just celebrated his 35th birthday on Friday, go show TJ some love for this awesome front wheel line. Thanks for contributing TJ, whose got episode 63?
Get in contact and send in your clip. let’s keep this going!

8 thoughts on “Episode 62: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with TJ Perry

  1. Very nice! And yes, glad to see another rider jump back in.

    At first glance I thought this was gonna be a Nick Watts exclusive because of the garage background! Lol, I gotta get me house with a nice garage like that.

  2. WOW ! First of all LANDING all wrist twist , having to immediately let go…. upon landing in that freaking 360 bar flip Flap-jack …….FROM a crack packer ……..AND the fire whip , stepping all the way over to crack packer @ the beginning of a SLLLAAAMMMED combo ! Gotta admit when I saw T.J. start to post his lines on F.B. …….I was STOKED . Just watched his section in Diversions 1.0 , last week ! Met him at the O.G. Oltorf garage session spot….. after Texas Toast 2012……..he WON that contest , and that was WITH battling a nagging injury , really cool guy . Always eager to see his riding ……he can also roll some mean NO footed tea kettles , too !! Thank you , T.J. / Effraim ……I’m loving the exclusives BACK at it AGAIN ………..

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