Throwback Thursdays – Nass 2008

NASS 08 PRO BMX FLATLAND from TGM Maz on Vimeo.

Tomorrow the 2016 World Championships begins at the NASS festival, as good a time as any to go back to 2008 for this weeks throwback featuring Sam Foakes, Matthias Dandois, yours truly Effraim Catlow, Alex Jumelin, Keelan Phillips, enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays – Nass 2008

  1. BIG E f—-kn RIPPING that SH—-T !!! ONE handed rebate to half hiker/ONE handed k-SPIN , cross right peg wheelie/bike VARIAL/ ROLLING gerator/passed to ice cream/HIS SIGNATURE SARAN WRAP OVER FRONT WHEEL , LOVE THAT !!! STYLE FOR DAAAAAYYSSS/ back to ice cream/switch cross right/ bike VARIAL to fudge packer/stick b exit !!!!! RIPPING BIG E !!!!! please RIP SOME FUTURE COMPS SIR !!!!

  2. BIG E !!!!!! X- leg half hiker/turbine/drop hiker/ passed/pivoted to back packer/half packer/passed/side packer/BEHIND back reach around/KICKLESS/turbine to switch hand steam/brought back to HIS SIGNATURE ONE HANDED k- spin !!!!!!!!!!

  3. Half hiker/DROOOOOP/hiker turbines/repeated/EFFORTLESSLY/ brought back ONE HANDED/steam to that/your ONE HANDED k-spin/STEEEEEEP TO SPINNING half hiker !!!!! LOVING HOW STOKED YOU WERE AFTER NAILING THAT HAMMER COMBO BIG E !!!!!!!!!

  4. Youre welcome BIG E !!!! Been watching ALOT of your NUMEROUS comp runs on Vimeo/Youtube !!!! DAMN , Loads of tricks/techniques/combos that are being done/in vogue NOW …………You were BUSTING back in 94 , 95 , 96 , 98 , 99 , 2000 !!!!

    • Thanks again Rodney I do really miss competing, really hard to train tricks over and over with my tendonitis in ankle. If I didn’t have that I probably would still be competing a few times a year.

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