Throwback Thursdays – Toronto Props Section 1996

Wow, this section takes me back! The Toronto contest back in 1996, Chad Degroot fresh on Schwinn, Chase Gouin ripping, Steve Mulder, Nate Hansen, Dan Rigby, Andrew Faris and many more. Stoked to see this footage online although the music is changed and threw me off a bit.

3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays – Toronto Props Section 1996

  1. I immediately noticed the changed soundtrack and it somehow spoiled my pleasure of reviewing this amazing section. What was the original track in the Props VHS ? I remember it was a good one !

  2. Not to live in the past, but this just reminded me how good Andrew Farris was,and nothing that hasn’t already been said about Chase, Chad,& the other riders. I wondered if Dan Rigby and Nate Hansen still ride. From memory, Dan was 1 of the first I’d seen pump glide.

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