Throwback Thursdays with Props 65 & The Red Bull Circle of Balance 2007

Happy birthday to Viki Gomez, this weeks TBT is dedicated to Viki. The Red Bull Circle of Balance in Tokyo, Japan went off. Stew Johnston flew out to Japan to document the event for Props Video magazine, this section still rules to this day. So much good riding, you don’t want to sleep on this one!

7 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays with Props 65 & The Red Bull Circle of Balance 2007

  1. Feliz Cumple Viki!

    Always love that right foot fork wheelie to 360 spin to half packer.
    Also has Viki’s body makes decisions before his brain. Freestyle.

    And watching this made me wonder who were Mike S’s heroes were. Degroot?

  2. I miss those days, every pro was doing their own thing and their was so many different styles on the floor each contest… Good times.

  3. Riding was different, for sure. Not as many brakeless riders,& in my opinion was harder in some ways. As 1 rider recently told me, brakeless can almost make us not do a certain number of tricks. He said, he doesn’t get it. It’s a trend I say, to go brakeless.Flat had to go in some direction;& brakeless was it . I know it’s a personal choice though. Then we see edits of riders with brakes ripping it up,& some are amazed, strange.

  4. Also, it’s followed street/park riders, in that many are brakeless. I’ve heard some saying having brakes is uncool. I say, just do our own thing.

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