CFO Flatland’s Unlimited 2019 – Pro Runs

CFO Flatland's Unlimited 19 from Level Up on Vimeo.

Want to watch the full pro runs from CFO Flatland’s Unlimited 2019 contest this past weekend in Toronto, Canada? Joey Kyllo took the time to document the whole contest, I logged down the top 3 riders, Jean William Prevost, Percy Marshall and Bo Wade so you can skip through if you wish. If not it’s definitely time to grab a cuppa and watch the contest unfold. Thanks Joey for taking the time to do this.

Jean William Prevost: 48:00 – 1:05:54

Percy Marshall: 56:57 – 1:14:41

Bo Wade: 14:13 – 35:20

10 thoughts on “CFO Flatland’s Unlimited 2019 – Pro Runs

      • Felt like there were a few runs where difficulty wasn’t weighed properly. I admit there is some subjectivity going on here, but I think when the gap in difficulty is really large it overrides a few touches here and there.

        • No doubt in my mind the Dub won the contest. Percy rightfully got second and Bo rode fantastic. I think Bo’s first run was flawless. It’s would probably help to have been there to get a real take on the comp. To say the judging was fucked is just false in my opinion. That said why don’t you hit up Jamie and ask about judging next year?

          • I think most of the placings were right on. No doubt Dub won that. I think there are a few middle placings that are out of whack that don’t sit right with me given the difficulty of some of the tricks that were pulled.

            That being said calling it “fucked” was a little hyperbolic.

            I don’t plan on going to any events in the future. I keep up with stuff here and there but that’s about it.

  1. I’d like to make a correction in my announcing. At 20 minutes in I claimed a trick was invented by Mannie Nogueira. It’s an upside down peddling position. I believe I was miss-informed and that the inventor of this trick was actually Dane Beardsley as I had initially thought. I believe credit should go to those whom it deserves. Please speak up if I’m wrong but I’ve witnessed Dane doing this trick for years.

  2. Jonathan, we don’t know each other, but it’s great to read, that you’d welcome anyone to speak up if you’re wrong.

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