21 thoughts on “Trevor Meyer – Texas Toast Pro qualifying

  1. Kinda short combos and some one off tricks to nab 2nd place qualifying in pro. Looked more like show riding to me given what he is capable of. Who’s judging?

    • No idea who’s judging Brandon. All i know is just read a tweet from one half of pralex saying judges have been changed, and now I see Bryan Huffman, Scott O’Brien and TJ Perry for finals.

  2. We all know Trevor is one of the best ever. But I tend to agree with Brandon. Looks like he’s trying to show he can hang with the current trendy tricks yet doing watered down versions in this qualifying run for consistencies sake. Hard to say he didn’t deserve 2nd position without seeing anybody else’s run that he is ahead of…but…. Well lets just say I hope the judging is better today. 😉

  3. I’m not sure why everyone always hates on Trevor, he is an all time Great, and has tolerated more negativity than any other flatlander in history. If he were to do one of his three minute links, people would still have to put him down. Trevor is one of the nicest people in flatland. I just think it’s a shame that he’s never gotten the respect he deserves.

  4. Guys a legend in flatland countless sick video parts over the past 20 odd years fed up with haters biting on him he don’t deserve it he got loads of stick in the 90’s for ripping off Chase tricks and copying styles who cares i don’t just goes to show how sick he is go watch Jinx Velvet Taxi from 95 slammin video part nobody ever duplicated those tricks ever nobody .

    He has X Games titles , countless 1st place finishes titles etc etc etc cut him some slack the guys been there seen it and done it if he’s being cussed for being ” not trendy ” then god help us all its about fun not about being trend setters he still has the skill at 40 years old and if that gets people going then thats ” Ageist ” and thats discrimination , we should enjoy his riding we should just enjoy what he does not kick up a fuss every time .

  5. controversy yet again , John Yull,Bryan Huffman & another guy were judging pro qualifying from what i can see , what are we gonna do blame them because we don’t agree quick lets take them to ” Flatland court ” and get justice done lets see us all happy jeez all this politics ridings there to enjoy who gives a f*** who’s judging whats next computerised judging by robots because we don’t like humans hahaha god give me strength , thats me done.

  6. Heh, whoa, I wasn’t trying to cause a shit-storm anyone. Nor was I “hatin'”. I’ve been around for a long time and I know that Trevor can pretty much do anything on bike that’s why I was a little underwhelmed by such short links. But just for the record, I think he is a truly gifted rider.

    I don’t really care that much about the results either way. But I imagine that it might matter to some people who flew from overseas to try and earn some $.

  7. hey,

    matthias and dom 1st and 2nd…..dom did harder tricks without a doubt, matthias style is wow….could go either way in my book….

    trevor should be doin a demo or judging for everyone lol…he has more tricks than all the riders combined,

    that being said…trevor will prob win!!

  8. Trevor has skills galore and a deep bag of tricks, but that was a pretty underwhelming rum compared to Alex & Dom.

  9. Dom and Alex don’t touch the back wheel Trevor did its called Variety guess you place lower if you limit yourself to one wheel , i meant Haters biting on him over the years Brandon not you bro , hate that term haters its so ” Ghetto gang crap ” related haha.

  10. Respectable, and current run from a guy that’s been “top shelf” since before most of these guys have been ALIVE! Go head, Big Dog!

  11. I can admit, back in the day I was much more critical but I’ve mellowed out a little over the years.

    Howard: that’s what I thought too about variety possibly playing into it. The early judging system that Chase and I worked on explicitly defined variety as tricks on both the front and the back wheel but, over the past couple of years I’ve pulled back from that definition since some riders choose to focus on just one wheel and I don’t think it is fair to fault them for what they freely choose to pursue. It seems to me that even limited to one wheel a person can show a lot of different trick concepts and ideas and that should count as variety too. Dom and Uchie are case and point.

    Nice riding from the top 4 that I’ve seen so far!

  12. Just for the record I was begged to judge and tried my hardest to not do it. I wasn’t replaced in finals I flat out told them I wasn’t doing it and Robert Castillo had to leave. I’m not going to talk about qualifying positions but I am happy with how the finals turned out.

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