UCI World Championship Semi Final cancelled

Unfortunately, due to condensation tonight’s scheduled semi final here at the UCI World Championship in Abu Dhabi is cancelled. We are all waiting on the schedule change to be announced shortly for tomorrows event, its not clear right now if it will straight final or semi final and final tomorrow. We shall see….


The Semi Final was postponed due to dampness on the FOP.

The Semi Final will be re scheduled to Friday morning, with each heat having a 10 min warm up from 09h00 to 09h30.

The Semi Final competition will be held from 09h30 to 11h00.

NOTE: ALL Semi Final heats will run on Friday morning. Results from Thursday will be cancelled, with this heat re-run on Friday morning as part of the new schedule.

The WE final schedule is amended to:

15h00 – Warm Up

15h30 – Final Competition

The ME final schedule is amended to:

16h00 – Warm Up

16h30 – Final Competition

One thought on “UCI World Championship Semi Final cancelled

  1. with such a large production budget, wonder why they didn’t do this indoors or at least pitch a big tent over that stage just in case of inclement weather and whatnot …

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