Varo Hernandez: eFise Flatland Final Run

No Flatmattersonline exclusive today, but we do have Varo Hernandez’s final eFise flatland run for you. Varo is one of those riders that really has stepped his game up during 2020 under the watchful eye of his coach, Martti Kuoppa, finishing 7th place in a stacked final is no joke at all. Thanks Varo for sharing this video.

2 thoughts on “Varo Hernandez: eFise Flatland Final Run

  1. Front to back to front wheel SAVAGE / ATTACK mode , for real ! Technical hammers throughout the link , capped off with a liquid type flow ….all this pulled by Varo adds up to one of the best combos pulled for 2020 ,in my opinion ……… AMAZING !!!

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