Giannis Caternellis: Freestyler #110

From one greek flatlander, to another! The prolific Giannis Caternellis past the milestone of over 100 Freestyler edits a while back and just dropped episode 110 full of amazing xft pivot goodness. Well worth a watch!

21 thoughts on “Giannis Caternellis: Freestyler #110

  1. Thank you very much Big E for posting my comeback and for your good words…I know you have enormous work with the site and riding and daily routine general. Much appreciate it.

  2. KING Caternellis is BACK , TIMES 7 ! This entire edit could of been used for the DREAM RUN competition ,for the A.F.A. , Giannis ! The combos in this are TOO crazy , you came back swinging on your bike like Mike Tyson , haha. Back packer ,180 BODY varial to backward hiker to IMMEDIATE turbine , to forward hiker ……180 BODY varial , AGAIN …to backward back packer ! I was REALLY bugging out ,and totally did not see or even think THAT kind of line was coming from ya , watching this the first time ! The kind of combo that nets you FIRST place , HANDS DOWN @ any contest , haha ! The back packer , BIKE varial to hiker …nailed TWICE in the SAME line ……SLAAAMMMMING TIME , campeon ! Reminds me of something that a rider would bring out , like YOU….during a BEST TRICK round @ the Cologne Masters , or something , even during a FINAL round of M.O.C. ! Combos like this are like ENDERS for a riders video parts , my man ! The backwards Karl , butter slip to BACKWARDS back packer ……reminds me of some Dylan Worsley flavor ! How many riders are doing THAT line ??! Ive watched this edit since the day you unleashed it online , bruv ! You were not joking AT ALL ………THIS is HOW you make a COME BACK , TIMES 7 . An edit packed with lines that have a EXTREMLY high level of difficulty ,with ORIGINAL twists thrown into them . Welcome BACK , cabrone ……..BMX Flatland wasnt the same without you ! I ll be watching this edit alot more times ….like I was saying …Greece has produced a TON of dope riders ! Kikos , Sakis , Manos , YOU , Alexandris , and SO many others ……..and the one of my favorite bands , that sadly broke up , Human Rejection , loved their DRUMMER and their jams ! AGAIN , I appreciate ya riding HARD , bringing the heat , progression , and difficulty on your bike , with this new edit , Giannis ! You wasted ZERO time jumping right back in the game !!!

    • Gracias hermano for your blessing words and for your unstoppable intresting…you gave me huge courage throught my 8 months hiatus and gave me hope to jump back on my bike sooner…To be honest,2020 was finished for me riding wise in my mind during my injury.I had this year as a waste year and lost for sure…YOU cabrone along with Scott Hagnas and Tristan gave me that extra boost to come back before any healing…if you watch closely i wear a knee pad on my left leg cause im not 100 percent ok ….2 seperate doctors who are experts in elbows and knees made it clear to me that i need surgery and i shouldnt ride until i do the operation…and since that wasnt enough in early September that damn tendonitis faced its ugly face this time on my left hand…soooo in this edit which filmed last month all my left side of my body is wraped with pads as you can see in the video.Thanks to you amigo i am back now and ride every day 4 hours and already have learned a lot of dream tricks…since you reffering about the dream run contest i must say that i dont need that Rodney cause i live the dream run every single day!!!hahaha!!Right now im having the time of my life riding my ancient kgb and i also lost that extra weight i took during my off time from the bike and quarantine…15 kilos is not a small amount believe me and i loose that in 2 months!!Those riders you mentioned especially Dylan Worsley is a vast inspiration to my style and his video parts was a great motivation on my early years and still is…lately im into Mates Tucek and Bruno Zebu videos to catch ideas for my future links…go and check their youtube channels and they will blow your mind even their older videos…At the moment i stick to this type of flatland since last year from the point i stopped…its an endless road if you start to drive it and lots of time i think about versions and links of that hitch/backpacker style and i get crazy when i sit for a moment and travel my mind to that lunatik rolling style…i have so many tricks and links to focus that i can stay on that rollng path for years…

  3. So good to see you back, and this was a monster comeback edit!!

    I’m stoked to get out and ride today after watching this. I’m finally learning the X-Foot technique after all of these years, so timely inspiration.

    I hope you stay well, and I’m looking forward to seeing where you take this style!

  4. Dear Scott, as you aware you are a big part of my comeback… Remember around quarantine period you replied me to stay positive and good things will happen… YOU are the monster of positivity my man!! Sooo pleased to hear about your progression on the x foot technique or x leg as my amigo Rodney call it! Hehe! Can’t wait on your next edit with new tricks my brother!As far as I can I will push this style cause it has a long way in the front… Numerous of tricks with pivots and jumps and switches can happen… Anything is possible, you will see…. Stay on that style of riding with me Scott…

    • Thanks! I’ve got a lot of work to do before I can use the X-ft technique for any original ideas, but I’ve had some ideas I’ve always wanted to try, so getting closer every day now!

      • That’s awesome Scott! Keep on trying the x foot technique it will pay off! Thousand ideas can pop up anytime while you are on that loop… It will lead you to originality where I also feel its leading me too…..

  5. Use ice therapy after riding.
    Natural antibiotics like ginger will work for inflammation,Ω3 for the tendons also. Lot of fruits,lemon water and herbs will flush the toxins out of the body so you repair the body faster. You need to stretch your wrists and all body so you have more blood flow after each session.
    Ride on.

    • Hey Sakis what’s up dog?? Thanks for the advice about nutrition… Well… Actually that way I lost weight in 2 months September and October… I was eating mostly salads, fruits and nuts. Riding also everyday for 4 hours helped a lot too… Hehe! Feels like I am a brand new man now fool motivated and gathered countless ideas for new tricks… This new rolling style with pivots, jumps, bike varials, forward and backwards really fits my mentality and seems like not too many has touched… What’s your opinion?? And how is your progress in flatland? Do you still ride??

      • Lol! I ride every day!
        Trying to get back to all my old staff but it takes time!
        I had some injuries in my lower back but now i am Better!
        Your new style is good!

        • Yeah I knew about the lower back since we talked on the phone but I didn’t know if you still ride… That’s great news man you ride daily. You have unique style with lots of original moves on the back wheel… You need to start the front wheel tricks I work at the moment cause you have lots of potentials. I remember back in the day we were competing together in contests you were pulling hitch jugglers and backpackers links quite often…

  6. Wow Lachlan thanks dude for commenting and push me further with your props… I had sooo many years in my head to sometime start and create links based on the hitchhiker and backpacker theme and I am like why I didn’t do that move?? I had the basis probably around early 2000….2001 when I was pulling cross footed half packers, cross foot hitch, backpacker gturns to backwards, crackpacks, pivots and others… Ask Sakis we were riding together back in those days! Hahaha!! Don’t know if this is a best trick video of the year as you say but it’s a very important step forward for my progression which I did in 2 months after that hell I got through… I have figure out that the most progressing period to myself are the first couple of months after summer… I’ve noticed that years now. The weather is perfect, cool marble spot and being healthy… That’s all I want to document, share and progress! Ha! Thanks again Lachlan and I look forward to your next edit with great links you do and all that adding awesome house tunes which I’m also into that groove! Stay rad!

  7. 4 hours a day , campeon ??! THAT makes me very ammmmped to hear , knowing that youre BACK ON IT , TIMES 7 . Like Ive stated already , all these lines are so high level ! X-LEG rolling stuff , all of it …..are some of THE most respected , hardest techniques , variations in BMX Flatland , adding BODY varials to these concepts , also……..well to me …thats like the holy grail of PROGRESSIVE riding . Im beyond thrilled to find out that Scott , myself , and others who follow / keep up with your riding are a lil bit of the motivation , and determination that you mentally used, to give you the goal to not only get back on your bike after your injury……….but to ALSO get back to it SLLLLAAAAMMMMING DOWN even harder AND technical combos , thus making this new edit one of the BEST comeback edits in BMX Flatlands history , no b.s. ……trust me , Ive done the back check , research . The only other two riders who springs to my mind is Terry Adams video section in the Ares D.V.D. part 4 video that dropped in mid- November 2007 . Terrys appendix BURST , in mid-August , he didnt even realize it , after 2 days , he had the surgery , lost 18 pounds ……..BUT , like you….he came back even MORE aggro to film his combos for that D.V.D. ! I have it , and watch it still to this day . Art Thomason broke his ankle a lil bit after that , and again … you …..he filmed a BANGING edit with all new links , like his turbine hang ten , blind leap out / bar flip to hiker , and loads of other combos ! He actually made a D.V.D. of all these combos and mailed it to me , cause I had asked him to , VERY cool guy ! I STILL watch that D.V.D. also . Again , Giannis …….RESPECT , TIMES 7 to ya , bruv . Looking back at all these 110 edits …..just a whole DIMENSION of original tricks , combos , and COUNTLESS variations ….its REALLY a head trip , and Im excited for this NEW path of all rolling X-LEG lines that youre going to push even FURTHER than what has bee accomplished as of late . SO DAMN STOKED that the BMX King of Greece is BACK to ATTACK his BIKE to further PROGRESS the sport …….I ll definitely , eagerly …….be waiting and watching your future edits , Jefe …………

    • Just came back from work hermano… I’m soooo psyched with your enthusiasm and your knowledge amigo in flatland like trick names and all the details… Gonna drive my son to football practice and my daughter to English lesson and I will comment again later… I got some great ideas for tonights session…

  8. Also……….that Jaffa whip @ 2.04 MINUTES …….I didnt see that coming at all ! Oh yeah ……haha, I call it X-LEG instead of X-FOOT style ….because to me …..calling it X-FOOT doesnt really give it the justice that it deserves. I remember learning X-LEG steams to cross over into a staple gun scuff . Gotta shout out to Ruben Castillo for that line , CIRCA September 1988 , he did those . Since Ive looked up to him , also……I finally learned em in October of 1991 , riding with two San Antonio LEGNEND riders …Arounkanne Sananikone and Jeff Campbell , both dude used to kill it in the A.F.A. days ! Anyway I remember trying for an HOUR , just wrestling , trying to roll and hold THAT position ……and I was barking my Dia -Compe Nippon like crazy , haha . We all used to clean our Kool Stop pads with SIMPLE GREEN , back in those days , haha. Finally after MUCH feathering and a lil bit of technique ……I kinda dialed the X-LEG steam ……then 13 minutes later , crossed over to the staple gun scuff , haha……..THAT was just a STEAM , and it felt REALLY awkward ! It felt more like an X-LEG position , rather than an X-FOOT position . So I CANT even IMAGINE rolling a half , side , crack , and half packer ….AND hitchhiker in the X-LEG position….AT ALL in my wildest dreams , Giannis ! So ……again ……MAD RESPECT to you , Effraim , Olsen , Desoulneaux , Worsley , Gunter , Tucek , Sasaki , Zebu , Marsaan , Dandois , Derbowka , Mcgraw ….and countless others for pushing THIS position of rolling greatness in BMX Flatland !

  9. Yeah jeffe 4 hours…. My sessions nowadays are at least 3 hours and I want more! Haha! There’s so many tricks I wanna learn and time goes by so fast…. Feels like I haven’t even started yet with the x leg technique…. Tricks like x leg crackpacker, x leg hang 5 holding the seat I think it’s called guillotine…… X leg backpacker jugglers…. These are the holy grail MI amigo!!….. Hehe! Tricks that a handful of riders have mastered… Like Mates, Zebu, Martti, Viki, Moro, Simon, Hearn to name a few…… You are on point my brother on your list names… Hahaha!…. These dudes are so high level on the x leg theme, I look up to them to get pumped for my practice…… It’s the hardest type of flatland along with kick flips of course….. Hope someday I can combine them! Ha! My comeback was unexpected even for myself cause I wasn’t ready at all….. I had so much stagnation on my body and my mind that I couldn’t stand it anymore….. After my birthday 3rd of August I putted wheels into motion slowly but steady….. And Ive noticed that every month Im getting better and better and in the first month….. September….. I was back into shape as I was in December last year…… Ha! Speaking of comebacks, the best I can think of is Chase Gouin… What could I say man? Being in prison and after that he filmed Glote……. The best flatland film of all times…. What do you say about that, cabrone??? Now that’s a Back to Attack as you for me jeffe!! Hehe!……To me it’s all about having that fire inside you and for myself it still burning like the day I started in 1991…….and since I am nostalgic guy and you mentioned a couple of things from the past I also had that Dia come Nippon with Kool stop pads on my Morales circa 1997!!ahaha!Also barking when the weather had moisture in the air while I was fighting to learn steamroller and hang 5s!…..ahaha!!My brother Rodney gracias for the memories and I wish you to love flatland forever as I do and keep riding and have fun and progressing the sport…… I will give my best on my kgb be sure about that one……..
    . Next edit you’re gonna it brother…… I will celebrate 6 years of Freestyle series. Stay tuned……….

  10. Since I don’t have YouTube channel, I would like to thank Mates Tucek for his props…. It’s so awesome to get admiration from one of the best flatlanders in the game…. His Freestyle Kolbenka edit a couple of years ago is still push me to go sesh and inspires me to progress on the x leg path…. Seriously Mates is a guide to my riding lately and I don’t believe that such a talented flatlander watches my edits and comments to be epic and hard….. Really humbled! If you read this Mates, you rule dude!! Today, 5th of November I celebrate 6 years of Freestyler series….. I had a day off from work and I had 2 sessions, one early in the morning and the other one in the afternoon…. 6 hours total! Hehe! Feeling like Martti on his green Quamen Era when I go to ride 8 in the morning…..i had a blast and learn 3 new tricks… What a better way to celebrate that birthday! Ha!Next edit, Freestyler 111 will be as a present for this reason….. Thanks a million all of you guys who participate on my journey in progression and push me further…. And God bless Effraim for keeping flatmatters of course! New edit in a few days, stay tuned……. And stay rad!!

      • Cheers r for the comment… From the very first Freestyler edit you always had something good to say… And 6 years later here we are pushing each other with riding and positivity…. Thank you brother once again for the props and with the promise that I will push the limits of my ability as much as I can…. I surpassed a nightmare with the injuries but nothing will stop me, neither quarantine…. Nothing. I will keep riding everyday to learn as much more new tricks as I can……..

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