Is this the new Flatmattersonline Exclusive?
Matti Rose over at Autum Bikes HQ hit me up with this rad edit from the Autum vault, totally unexpected once again. Featuring style cats, Charles Paty, Mo-Rich, Thomas Deschenaux, Yuki, underground dojo style in Japan.

Need some motivation before your session, hit play….

Feeling this….

Whose got the next FM exclusive?

2 thoughts on “AUTUM BIKES presents RIKIYA

  1. Wicked footage from Osaka’s Rikiya
    That place is the first floor above the Kaitaya bike shop at Osaka, so cool damn place (a little bit messy and stacked with so cool stuff old/midschool + recent parts of course but it’s the norm in Japan and the seller is a flatlander), owner on his fifties or more is such a character (on the business since forever and he knows his stuff!), a really really cool to hang out with person, funny, interesting, generous and respected personality.
    And the local crew is a great group of humans (mostly street riders), so good to watch, on the riding wise and sociality wise!
    And big up to Charles shredding as usual!!
    (One point here is do not hesitate to travel over there when you get a chance!!)

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