5 thoughts on “Varo Hernandez vs Kio Hayakawa: Red Bull Circle of Balance 2022

  1. Varo’s long line working his back to front wheel, while the drum n bass jam kicked in was so dope to me . His cab to rear peg five , whopper exits were ill as well ! Kio’s all rolling reverse switch -b rules , I never get tired of seeing it . ( cross rope transition to double footed back yard roll ! ) Another one of his N.B.D.s………keep em coming , Effraim ! Any and all C.O.B. videos are VERY welcome ! Even practice ones , if ya got em……..

      • I mean, the sweet part of this combo is the whole of it’s parts. He did pedal backwheel stuff and crossfooted frontwheel stuff in one combo. But if I have to choose, it is still the wheelchair to xfoot elephant glide. You can see where this combo is heading and it is just going to get more dialed.

        • I agree , Peckosh ! More dialed indeed .Instead of the whopper exit …… I see him whipping directly to another rocket , turbine and hop AGAIN to the front ,rear peg five …..but… THEN drop down to hang five and immediately pivot to Cobain roll and ….yup , you guessed it……bar twitch AGAIN to a spinning half packer , butter slip back out to switch hand steam , etc ,etc,etc……I’d love to see that and his combo get even longer and longer , being that I’m ALL ABOUT doing long combos , Morgan……doing them feels like you’re entering into another realm of stilled time/reality or something , haha…I love it !.Varo rules !

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