Viki Gomez vs Waldemar Fatkin – Luxembourg Session

Just before Viki flew out to New Orleans for the Voodoo jam, Waldemar Fatkin made the trip to Viki’s home riding spot in Luxembourg! Watching two of the best go back to back outside of the contest light is a real treat, look out Viki’s xft body varial gerator peg wheelie jump to pedal medal to time machine combo at 3:31, and Waldemar’s multiple jump lashes at directly follows Viki’s line! Great vibes here, definitely worth a watch!

4 thoughts on “Viki Gomez vs Waldemar Fatkin – Luxembourg Session

  1. Seriously, how can viki be so good?, tech tech tech , so much in there you could miss it, stop that, rewind that , press play again

  2. Really nice edit. Viki looks so in control, really amazing to see him still pushing so hard. World no 1 and still hardcore freestyle flatland!

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