5 thoughts on “Watch the X Games Japan Flatland Finals!

  1. are Yu kidding me?!? Katagiri is seriously on another level with that floating no footed side saddle forklifter maneuver, it’s like witnessing the Laws of Physics being defied before our very eyes!!! and that finger-flipping inverted stubble duck undertaker thing like wtf my brain just melted

    • and i’lll just add this is the first time I’ve watched same x-games flat battle at least 5 times in a 24 hours period, even Matthias had some new moves, this even definitely merits many rewatches with a cuppa!

      • Matthias throwing down some new stuff is the best. And Yu gonna have a lot of backwheel riders on suicide watch lol.

    • Times 7 , Marley . Katagiri is just kicking the contests AND progression doors down to the flat ground . ( pun -intended . ) Bruv , even AFTER that full bike flip ( shout out to Steve Mulder ,though ! ) he flips the damn bike stepping cross right for a milli-second , stepping over again to cross left with a turbine , coming out to a inside pumping ice cream ! That Uuchie spin…….I just now caught that he’s bar flipping AND bike flipping to catch that pedal stance rope spin . He’s got a rad style WITH hardcore technical transitions of progressive difficulty . It’s so rad to see him win . Hell bruv , he more than earned / deserved that gold. Honestly……..I predict that he’s about to get his Trevor Meyer/ Matthias Dandois / Justin Miller game on. ( win every or as many contests he enters because of the level of his lines , tricks ! )

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