Hang 5 Podcast: Episode 33 with Terry Adams & Mickey Gaidos

The story of 2 lifelong friends from Louisiana. From humble beginnings riding together over 25 years ago, constantly practicing their skills, pushing each other, travelling together to events, and now starting a bike company together. In their own words: Blood, sweat and tears with Terry Adams and Mickey Gaidos. Enjoy this episode!


2 thoughts on “Hang 5 Podcast: Episode 33 with Terry Adams & Mickey Gaidos

  1. Thank you , Hang Five podcast . Another good conversation with two dope dudes . These cats are really pushing each other on their bikes and their new venture . Stoked they talked about Eugene . That cat nailed one of Flatland’s most ill moves in early 2005……the crack packer to crack packer kick flip ! ( not holding the bars ! ) Terry , Mickey and Omari all rule ….The 1996-2005ish, entire , South Riders BMX flatland crew was a force that will always be remembered ! Can’t even tell you how many times / years I used to chat with all five or six of them on the phone about Flatland riding from 9.30 P.M. till 7.30 A.M. back in the day , ha…….we would all watch the same BMX videos and react to them while we were talking , haha…….good times.

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