Kio Hayakawa qualifies 1st at FiseWorld UCI World Cup in Montpellier

Kio Hayakawa takes the top spot in the first qualifying competition here at Fiseworld UCI World Cup in Montpellier, France. Top 16 make semi finals, the event started yesterday and had to stop due to rain stopping the event being able to run.

We finished qualifying at 9am this morning, with the last group of eight riders. Props to all the riders getting it done in difficult conditions. Semis later on today, let’s hope the rain stays away.

2 thoughts on “Kio Hayakawa qualifies 1st at FiseWorld UCI World Cup in Montpellier

  1. I’m sure every single one of the riders listed above are stoked that Yu Katagari isn’t also on the lineup. LoL

  2. Really stoked to see Chutcharlerm ” PING ” Chaiwirotwit back in the contest scene . He rips hard on his bike . His prelim run @ the 2019 Flatland Voodoo Jam had the entire venue in a roaring frenzy . Front to back wheel flowing with some tech switches that you don’t see coming at all . There’s this one that I know is his switch …..he’s looks like he’s going to transition into a side packer but @ the last possible minute…..he almost let the frame ” close hang ” his legs and he leaps to a switch hand steam. Every single time he’d do it @ random in a line .It would shock me . Lol. He’s a cool , humble cat , too. There’s a K.O.G. run of his from yeeeaars ago on his You Tube channel . He was f-kn good way back then , a heavy hitting rider . Hope to see even more of his riding in contests and just in his session spot in Thailand . Dude slams hit down hard in every line he does . He has some of the most graceful jump lash , fire pink/ haul lines too……on one video of his that was his WARM UP line . W.T.H. ?!

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