Yu Katagiri qualifies 1st at Chimera A-Side

Just finished judging the Chimera A Side contest in Omiya. The Katagiri brothers took the top spots, Yu and Ryo! Followed by Sietse van Berkel, and Kio Hayakawa. Top 4 miss the first round of battles tomorrow!!!!

4 thoughts on “Yu Katagiri qualifies 1st at Chimera A-Side

  1. Mr. SUPERB D.J. / rolling lines , aka , Marley ! Thank you for this link to this ill edit . Yu RULES . He was my personal pick for N.O.R.A. 2022 for his progression this year……….AND of course that rocket to rocket , 360 bike flip , continuing into that sick long line , packed with bike flips landing to PEDAL rope spins , CROSS rockets , and that mental PEDAL pivot , via inside carve rope roll …….you’re also spot on , Marley . Yu’s finger flip ” Degrootundertaker ” is wild and sick !

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