Chimera A-Side Finals Qualification

Hiroshi at 430 was on hand yesterday filming clips from practise for you all to see at home! The level of riding is off the charts and later on today the finals are going down at 5pm. Just downloading clips for a raw footage edit that I will drop shortly. For now enjoy this one!!

One thought on “Chimera A-Side Finals Qualification

  1. Thank you for this post , Big-E ! SLLLLLAMMMMMED riding by all . Kio , switch front brake ruling that front wheel .( I KNEW he had it like that on the front end too ! ) Is it me …..or does it seem like every rear wheel killa can hang n bang on the front wheel , also ? Everyone is busting hard in this edit . Chimera always hosts some seriously rad , progressive , new styles , and lines from everyone…..loving this.

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