Day 2: Chimera A-Side Raw Practise Footage 2022

Let’s mix things up for Day 2, rather than a lot of text and photos. I thought I Would try my hand at a raw practise footage edit to give you all a good idea of what’s going on out here at Chimera A-Side (it turns out Hiroshi had the same idea), it does give you more coverage to fuel your session. You don’t want to miss this raw practise edit full of bangers from yesterdays practise session before qualifying!

Featuring in order:
Jean William Prevost
Yu Yamamoto
Yu Katagiri
Sieste van Berkel
Ryo Katagiri
Kevin Nikulski
Kio Hayakawa
Terry Adams
Viki Gomez
Hiroya Morizaki
Yohei Uchino

( a couple of riders have multiple clips, Dub, Kio Hayakawa, and Yu Katagiri! )

Enjoy the level!!! Get stoked, go ride!!

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