Adam Kun @ 2008 Masters

With the worlds fast approaching, flatmatters continues the warm up to the worlds. Adam kun is defintely one of the favourites, 2nd at ninja spin with no touches.. Here’s his 2nd place run (somewhat edited) from last years masters event.

Edit by Sevisual.

Carhartt flatland contest 2003

The site of the Masters every year and this year the Worlds, sadly not on this floor, this is where the street contest now happens. These carhartt flatland comps were some of the best ive ever attended, always great riding and great vibe. Fantastic edit, love this stuff…

World Champion 1992 Chase Gouin

This one skipped under the radar, have this on tape somewhere in the collection though. Enjoy. 92 in Budapest..

Remember this: Level Vibes

Definitely a golden period in Uk flat, and I missed this one, out in the states at the time, Martti killed Level Vibes, the Uk had loads of contests, Easter jam at southsea, Urban games, KOC, Level Vibes, Sam’s jam in sawston, the Uk flat website, so much good stuff went down in this period. Pros visiting such as Martti…What are your memories from this period of time..

Lee Musselwhite

This edit dropped right before Inertia bikes was born, in some of shots you can see hes using inertia bars, check the switch at 2:24, xft backyard jump to coasting xft one footed elephant glide, great edit!

Shintaro Misawa Summer 09 edit

Just came across this when I was posting the Cali style stuff, Shintaro Misawa rips, smooth floaty style. All on board the Badman’s Colony “cube” frame, I know hes stoked…

Cali style

I’ve been a bit slow sticking these vids up, yes they were on Flat friday, Chad sent these to me on tuesday, first video is the Hollywood jam on Fuel Tv, flatland more and more seems to be getting tv coverage similar to this, which can only help to progress things for the riders.
The second video is Chad at one of his local spots in Long Beach, the “globe” spot, I rode a bunch here with Chad a few years back, anyway enjoy these vids if you haven’t already seen them.

Keisuke Tanigawa DJ Krush mix edit

Last week we featured Keisuke’s banging new edit, heres a more absract version, very arty, nice feel to it. Keisuke kicks arse!!

Tanigawa Keisuke from handspin on Vimeo.

Dan Rigby: 5 Combos

The concept was simple the video was classic, Jason Brown invited five riders to combo till you drop, heres Dan Rigby’s combo. Great stuff.

World BMX Battle Update

Keelan just sent in the updates to the World BMX Battle flyer, check it out…