Martti Kuoppa is busting!!!

Great edit here from Martti, check the high speed steam kickflip to crack,multiple kickflips steams, brakeless g strings… theres so much hard stuff from the big man on this edit im pumped!! (whispers) groundtactics!!! f yeah martti!!! time to go riding!!! im pumped!!!

Flatland gathering in Brighton

Yesterday on a moody bank holiday weekend about 20 of the Uk flatland community headed down to Brighton seafront, for a day at the seaside and chilled riding day. Some new faces, and of course some old. Heres a few photos from the day.

Level 3- Dominik Nekolny

Dom’s at it again!! The sequence continues, Normal level!! Great stuff!!

DOMMODe – Level 03 from Dominik Nekolny on Vimeo.

Martti Kuoppa foolin around

New edit from Martti messing around, rolaid from pedals is nuts!!!

Akira Okamura mixed Soul 53 part/Same thing daily rider list announced

Nice mix of Street and Flat from Akira Okamura…

Dane Beardsley just announced the rider list for STD2, Akira section on there, Shintaro, Dane, Markus Redlberger, Sebastien Grubinger, as well as the rest which are normal cast now. Look forward to this…

Flatmatters on Groundtactics!!

This week belongs to Martti Kuoppa, creating a site for you the rider, this is not about him, but about you. Yours truly has been given my own thread on there, which im really stoked on! Get involved, ask questions, and gain feedback, get motivated, below is the link to the forum.

And for now heres now of martti’s bangers from his solo dvd “moments”..

Fade to Brown: Durbano & Tagi re-edit from Intrikat’s classic Background video

Chad Johnston @ Intrikat just sent this re-edit by Adrian Furniss in, Durbano and Tagi from Intrikat’s background.

Fade to Brown/// from Adrian Furniss on Vimeo.

Matthias Dandois in Paris

Short video just found, in related news Matthias is in Hungary filming with Sevisual Tom and Adam Kun, so look for the annual summer video sometime soon! Foir noe enjoy this mellow video…

Matthias bmx flat in paris from teddy morellec on Vimeo.

Martti Kuoppa launches the Groundtactics online video contest website!!

Martti Kuoppa is a leader. Years ago in a magazine, I think it was Ride uk, I called him the leader of the new school, the name has stuck, but this guy leads more than just the riding, now he gives something back, and gives others the chance to shine, ask yourself a question? What is flatland about? What got you into it? What are the best feelings about it? Time and time again, I hear people say the “creative process” of coming up with something thats your own, and capturing it. You could be that rider, out there and without knowing it inspire many others. Its the creative riders that stand out from the pack.

Heres what Martti had to say about the launch:
“I really want to my best to support the younger riders out there. I want to show them the right way which I understood a long time after my crazy years in success. It is not always easy to be in the spotlight, and thats why I want to show the younger generation the right positive way to handle things. (edit) Riders be greatful for what you have now.Also show some respect and learn some new styles/tricks. We are out here just to help you out, not to profit.Let’s go together to the next level of flatland, and save the whole thing!! Thanks!! “

Check the site, which looks dialled!!! Bios from Marrti, Viki and Chad. Look under competition to see what we are looking for!!
Get riding, get creative!! Im psyched on this!!

One of my favourite videos of Martti, training before COB in Tokyo japan 07.

KGB Martti Kuoppa Freestyle 2007 Japan from inTRIKat on Vimeo.

Simon O’Brien in Servon (Agoride vid)

From a few years back, but some tidy combos nevertheless. Simon’s solo vid still stands the test off time, one of the best yet…