Old school sundays…

This week Albert Reteys run from the 96 worlds in Koln, check the fast backwards xft steam pivot to halfpacker, way ahead of the time!!

Catching Up With Bobby Carter – Video, Bike Check, & Top 5s

Thanks to fat tony for sending this in, check bobby’s edit and tight new sickchild frame!

First stop of 2010 World Circuit announced..

Alain Massabova the head honcho at Cream magazine is in charge of the first stop of this years World Circuit, he will organise a good floor, one of the conditions of taking on the first stop.

New Moto Sasaki short clip

Tsutomo Kitayama Day in the life

Interesting edit from Tsutomo Kitayama, refreshing look at his day.

Double down whiplash by Cory Strat

double down whip-lash. from At The Speed Of Life Broadcast D on Vimeo.

New Breed: Alex Johnson Interview

Interview by Joe Miller.

Tell us your name, age and hometown?
Alex Johnson, 16, Decateur IL.

How long have you been riding?
Two years.

When did you first see flatland, and who/what got you started?
I first saw Day Smith in one of the Matt Hoffman games. Then one day saw a video on youtube and decided that i want to do it. At only sixteen years old you are progressing really fast.

How much do you ride, and do you set goals or just ride and see where it takes you?
I like to ride everyday depending on the weather. I like to set goals once in a while, but I usually just let things happen.

Do you have any plans to attend any Jams or Contests this year?

I plan on competing at Jomopro and York jam, and also the French connection.

The Flatland scene in Texas is huge compared to most areas, who do you ride with most of the time, or do you ride alone?
During the week I ride by myself, but on Saturdays I ride at the OG with the Austin crew.

Do you find it easier to learn established tricks or invent your own tricks/switches?

What works for me is to learn existing tricks and branch off them with my own variations.

What interests do you have aside from riding?
I like drawing and playing guitar.

List your favorite food,movie,and recording artist.
Ramen Noodles, Napoleon Dynamite, Jimi Hendrix.

Who are your top five riders to watch, and why?
Sam Foakes for his crazy combos. Martti Kuoppa, because he keeps pushing the sport further and further. Adam Kun for his crazy switches. Shintaro Misawa, because his riding is so smooth. Jason Forde for his flow.

Do you have any goals for your riding?
I would like to travel the world and ride with different scenes, get a sponsor, and most important of all, keep progressing!

I would like to take this time to thank you for your time, anyone you’d like to thank?
I would like to thank the whole Texas crew, and everyone who has helped me along the way.

Any last words of advice for someone who wants to start riding Flatland?
Do it!!!

Few videos-look for some new footage of Alex later this week on flatmatters!
Alex Johnson’s Global Flat Online Battle from BMX Freestyler on Vimeo.

Global-Flat Intermediate Online Battle for 3rd from BMX Freestyler on Vimeo.

Matt Wilhelm + Terry Adams Dans comp edit

Fat tony dropped this Dans comp edit yesterday of two of their riders, Terry + Wilhelm…

Game of skills update!

Heres the poster /flyer for my upcoming contest in april in cooperation with carhartt and the arena vienna: game of skills.
the contest will be held indoors with the option of opening the sides of the venue. the competition will have a very special battleformat based on the idea of a game of skate adaption but there will be things involved that will only be possible in bmx flatland.
more info and homepage with videoexplaination, interviews of riders, and much more coming soon!
best regards and PEACE!

-Michael Sommer