Anarchy in Anderson 2 – Round Report + Photo Gallery

Dax Walford, Coathanger on way to first place. Photo by Scott Nagy.

Hit the link for the official AM FLT Round 2 repo from Anarchy in Anderson 2.

Check out Scott Nagy’s photo gallery from the event!

3 thoughts on “Anarchy in Anderson 2 – Round Report + Photo Gallery

  1. Effraim,

    Isn’t Dax doing a Hijacker? a la Chad Degroot 1991. I think a coat hanger
    is a hang 5 behind the seat.

    • @obscure – Always called it that since I can remember. Different names for same tricks, ie, caboose, stick b. Lardyard/gerator….

      @Dax – No worries, stoked for you.

  2. Hmm, I always thought of it as a Crackhanger cause it’s a crackpacker but behind the seat like a cliffhanger.

    Thanks for the coverage Effraim!

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