Battle in the Rockies 2015 by Anthony Schneidewind

Battle in the Rockies 2015 from Anthony Schneidewind on Vimeo.

Hit play for an amazing contest edit by Anthony Schneidewind from the Battle in the Rockies 2015 contest with amazing riding from the likes of Moto Sasaki, Martti Kuoppa, Jean William Prevost, Jason Plourde, Pete Brandt, Bo Wade, John Yull, James McGraw, Bryan Huffman, Simon O’Brien and many more. This edit really captures the feel of the contest, not to mention the amazing moments that went down, don’t miss this one! Great job Anthony!

7 thoughts on “Battle in the Rockies 2015 by Anthony Schneidewind

  1. WOW , its times like this when I really BUG OUT on how you can just eat your breakfast , chill and watch a VERY well edited video that has all the ingredients , music/RAD riding/intense, serene, on edge vibes/ etc,etc !!!! ALL the ingredients that are DVD worthy , like I would have PAID for this edit , NO JOKE , heck , I used to PAY Rad dad for RAW footage transferred onto a V.H.S tape of any comp I didn’t/couldn’t attend ! I really dig watching other riders styles and their approach to riding ,you know ! NOW today you/I can watch an INSANE edit like this for…………….FREE 24-7/365 !!!! Its still very surreal to me still , Im 41 , hahahahahahahaha ! THANX TONY and YELLA/YELLOW- BRIAN for creating this SICK edit ! I remember Tony did the UNREAL part 1 and 2 video !!! RAD/EPIC videos to this day ! PROPS !!! Thanks Mr.Crosswalk , Pat at Flatland Fuel , Robert Reilly , Reklamation bikes , Brian YELLA/YELLOW Gavanagan , and every/anyone who made B.I.T.R. go off !!!! Wish I would of been there , but this edit makes me feel like I was there !!!!!

    • Thanks for the kind words Rodney. It was just a fun project to do again. I haven’t been to a flat comp in years.

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