Boston Flatland Summer 2012

Boston Flatland Summer 2012 mobile edit from kchapman on Vimeo.

Here’s the word from Kieran Chapman.

“I don’t know how other flatland scenes are, but the Boston-area guys I ride with are great. There are new school riders fully embracing the latest styles, older riders who have adapted and continue to push themselves, and the old-timers who are happy doing older tricks. There’s no drama, just riding.”

Riders: Steve Jordan, Jim Cavanaugh, Sean Maher, Brian Chapman, Mike Miller, Freddy Brown, Jon Kenniston, Kieran Chapman, New England, Rick MacDonald.
Locations: Cambridge, Foxboro, East Bridgewater

2 thoughts on “Boston Flatland Summer 2012

  1. I’m so lucky to be part of this scene! So many riders and not one negative attitude. We’re all one big family always pushing and motivating each other. Life is good!

    • Used to follow this zine monthly with Wire, radazine, as ive said many times, great to see the scene is still going strong with a new generation and the old school heads still bringing flava!

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