Catching up with Dan Hennig at Bike Days 2017

Yesterday I started something new for the site, today we have the second in the “catching up” series with Dan Hennig. Another underrated rider in my opinion, I catch up with Dan to discuss the Bike Days contest, his opinion on judging, his new sponsorship deal, injuries and so much more. Great feedback from the first interview, keep it coming. Hope you all enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Catching up with Dan Hennig at Bike Days 2017

  1. Yes talking about today to Frank Lucas actually, believe it or not I am new to this. Sure will progress to that Valance. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Great balcony effraim and great interview interview riders to talk about the competition and about vick is not participating in this circuit as great riders could stay a year without participating and be judges and we would have a different scenario in the podium would be a great opportunity for redbul Only to consecrate only athletes redbull understands we have many gentlemen who have great mounts with great followings, difficult trucks, but we also have to fill a different way of riding with trucks own different sessions and thus would awaken a different vision for the world this and my optimal way of thinking Competition to all strong hug Ricardo Santos brazil

    • Thanks for the comment Ricardo, after the year Viki had I think he is looking for some different motivations and progressions aside from contest winning which is fair enough.

  3. love the interviews a LOT!Always curious about all these riders.So want to know what they do for a living besides ride.I work my butt off at Papa Johns pizza and have kids and stuff,just wonder how they do it because it can be rough.I wish I could find something lucritive to do in the bmx industry.Flatmattersonline is always my first stop when I get online/Thanks Effraim!

  4. Mad respect for dan hennig. One of the nicest people ever. Hard worker and unique style. Bitterfeld represent!!!

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