Chad Degroot Bikecheck

Frame – DECO Succubus V1 19″
Fork – DECO FuForks w/ Mounts
Bars – DECO FuBars 9″
Cranks – Profile 175mm Cromo Spindle
Pedals – DECO (black)
Sprocket – 28t Profile Imperial Spline Drive
Front Wheel – Profile Mini 3x to Sun Rim
Rear – Nankai w/ Profile Shell 3x to Sun Rim
Brake/Lever – Tech 77 – Hombre Fiesta
Tires – Animal GLH 2.35
Pegs – Fly Suelo (Knurled)
Seat – Coalition – FLAT
Post – DECO

MISC: Brakes are smooth and set to be feathered.
Cranks Can never be to tight – Rubber ring from grip to slow rotation.


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