11 thoughts on “Chase Gouin – From the sky up DVD Part

  1. chase rules! makes you wana ride so bad(cant due to insane wind/rain) , off to my shed just to sit on my bike . get well chase

  2. Good question Lincoln. I would say if he selected some of his best consistent combos he’d up there top 3, depends how other riders view it, i’m sure some look at this and think “old school”, where i would look at some of this stuff and go thats hard as fuck, and its untouched, theres a reason why its untouched,I also think chase has one of the best styles, he’s able to make scuffing look good!

  3. man , hes is the don, that switching feet in nose wheelie is crazy,might go ridin just to try some mccircles again , even though i shouldnt, your right E he makes scuffing look effortless and smooth, get well soon chase, thanks for the years of inspiration

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