Cory Strat Is Dead – So Long and Thanks For All The Exploding Tires

It’s one thing to give up riding, but totally another to lose riders via an injury, Cory has a torn bicep that is now retracted to point surgery cannot fix. I hope he can get a second opinion and ride again. I personally had many great times riding with Cory whilst I was on the Ronin team. I’d like to take this point to send my best wishes to Cory, and thank him for all the great memories! Long live Cory Strat!

14 thoughts on “Cory Strat Is Dead – So Long and Thanks For All The Exploding Tires

  1. When i read the title i was in shocked, I seriously thought shit! WTF has happened!?!!?! Then i read the rest! That totally sucks! I don’t want to go on about myself but i have spent a good portion of the last 5 years in & out of Hospitals to get a diagnosis of Complex Regional Syndrome. I am taking a barrage of Meds, SERIOUS Meds! & Only now am i finally getting the correct treatment. I know its all different in the states with all the insurance stuff etc. But i never gave up hope of riding & i have my New Bike & i am meer weeks away from getting the O.K when 3 years ago i was told i’d never ride again. Obviously i do not know how bad Cory’s Bicep Tear is but i honestly believe never say never! Good Luck Cory, Stay Cool!

  2. Thanks for posting this and the kind words. Jon, I’m glad you’re able to continue even after such ill health. I live in Canada where there’s free healthcare but it has it’s limits such as I’m finding out. For starters, the original doctor whom I saw 48 hours after the MVA did not send me for any tests such as an X-Ray or ultrasound like another doctor did just recently.
    Because of my spending the best part of a year going along with their (physio, chiro, dr,) saying I was fine there is now a more serious problem that cannot be easily remedied. That is the retraction of the tendon and procedure is to fish it out and re-attach to the bone. Even if I were to get this surgery there is quite the recovery I am sure. Had this doctor cared I would have stood a chance in getting that freshly torn tendon repaired or rested or whatever.
    The bottom line is that this fishing surgery needs to happen out of Canada and likely costs ridiculous money. I don’t care to have some fundraiser when everyone needs their money for other stuff. I’ve had a good run met some great people and lived the dream for awhile.
    I do have an MRI in a month and a week. Actually two. One is for my neck. Not sure what to expect other than a definitive answer. There is a slight chance ultrasound reveal tear where no tear present but MRI definitively prove otherwise. If that’s the case there would be no need for a final edit.
    Here’s to hoping.

  3. Positive vibes your way – hoping that there is a solution that will allow you to continue riding. So many killer video parts that blew my mind, – smith locomotive in Loiter, so many sections in Flatland Manifesto and the one that stuck in my mind as the epitome of what the definition of “smooth” is, is when you were on the yellow Ares (Paved Paradise, maybe?)

  4. Keep us posted Cory!
    I was never at your level but your tricks are a standout and a big influence on me! Hang loose…-Rick

  5. Second that Michael! Cory you were someone all the Calgary riders looked up too. When I got into riding in the late 90’s you were front and center. Paved Paradise, 5 Combos all of the videos I watched over and over.
    We send our best and hope you can recover from this.

    Best wishes,

  6. good luck and hope this is a battle you win and get back to full health and possibly even back to having fun on those little kids bikes.

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