Day 3: Chimera A-Side Flatland Finals Practise Bangers!

The Chimera A-Side Finals yesterday were off the chart, peep this raw footage edit from the practise sessions. With 100k up for grabs, you know things got a little heated!! A lot of these clips if not first try were within 3 tries, absolutely amazing level!!!

In order of appearance:
Yasu – King of Ground organiser.
Sietse, Dub, Misato, Casu and Terry.
Kio Hayakawa.
Terry Adams.
Masato Ito.
Yohei Uchino.
Jean William Prevost aka Dub.
Kio and Yohei Uchino back to back.
Sieste van Berkel.
Terry Adams
Kio Hayakawa
Yu and Ryo Katagiri back to back!


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