Dominik Nekolny wins Bike Days 2014!

Congratulations to Dominik Nekolny who today won the 2014 Bike Days contest in Switzerland, followed by Viki Gomez who missed the qualifying but was allowed to ride the finals today after riding his qualifying run before finals, and 3rd place on the podium Kevin Nikulski!

7 thoughts on “Dominik Nekolny wins Bike Days 2014!

  1. to avoid another shitstorm concerning the organisation and/or the judging, i have to make a little correction here: it’s not true that viki missed the qualifications and went directly to the finals! as he could only make it to the event on sunday (and not saturday), he had to ride his qualification-run on sunday and was judged by the same criteria as the other riders on saturday. viki made it to the semifinals where he competed like all the other riders and then made it to the finals.

    we all know that it’s complicated to take decisions in a flatland-contest that make everyone happy (riders, event-organisers, media, etc.). but at the end, we think it was fair for everybody.

    anyway, i think it was an absolutly great contest/show again and i’m happy to be part of it. i hope that all the riders enjoyed their weekend here! see you all next year!

    peace, marco (speaker)

  2. Yes, that’s very complicated to take decisions. And “Flatland” is still not ready to make it professional. We can read: “at the end, we think it was fair for everybody” so if that’s fair, that’s cool (and a little bit messy) to see that in Bike days flatland contest everybody can have that derogation.
    How many finalist made it to the finals, 8 or 9 riders?

  3. Marco’s a nice guy (I met him when he was travelling across Canada a few/several years back), and this looks like a great contest, and is on my list of ones I wish I will get to one day. Congrats to everyone that rode and to the organizers for putting it together.

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