Editorial: Flatmatters is one year old!!!

Just over a year ago, my flatmatters page was kicked out of UK ride magazine, I knew that was the end of flatland in that magazine despite what was said at the time, a year later i’ve seen “one” decent sized photo of Jason Forde in there and that’s it… Without the death of my flatmatters page in the above said magazine, I might never have produced this blog. And i’m not restricted by “a page”, I can do what I like when I like. So in a funny way, I have a lot to thank them for.
It’s hard to believe for me, but it’s true, the flatmatters blog is one year old today!!! A lot has changed with in this year, born on a wet novembers day (that much isnt different), inspired by Mark Noble pushing me to go through with it and a conversation with Tom at the local skatestore about how easy and practical setting up a blog was, the rest as they say is history.
It’s crazy for me to look back at the earlier days of the blog, all produced on dial up connection, with no clue how to embed videos, how to make the type in different weights, no contributors, to one year on, learning all technical side of producing a blog,having people sending stuff in almost daily, Taku in japan updating me with whats going on overthere, liasing with Martti at groundtactics. The blog has gone from being produced on dial up connection to iphone updated, and recently a macbook pro when im at home. So much has changed, i’ve gone from one extreme to the other that I wonder where the blog will be at in a years time.
Producing the blog daily has helped fuel my motivation for riding more than ever.

A year ago I didnt see any blogs, now they are growing weekly, this is great for flatland!!

This week as a celebration of our anniversary, Im going to repost some of my favourite articles videos from the year, and also some reposts of favourites from the subscribers to the blog with a few exclusives thrown in here and there.

Thanks for viewing,

Flat does matter!

Effraim Catlow

5 thoughts on “Editorial: Flatmatters is one year old!!!

  1. What you have created has had a major impact on flatland it really unites everyone on a one to one basis this is a strong backbone that can never be broken , thanks Effraim this is a great insight to flatland and what it stands for.We are after all one big family with a common bond that brings us all together worldwide.Well done buddy give yourself a pat on the back .

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