Effraim Catlow – 3 years of Flatmatters!

It’s crazy how time flies, three years of flatmatters today! A lot has changed for me in those three years, back when I started flatmatters, the site was attempt to keep up with the daily goings on in flatland, to provide motivation to all the riders out there worldwide. I remember thinking one day, theres not much online flatland wise on a day to day basis, it’s time to do something rather than bitch about it!
Nowadays I’m proud to say I feel I have contributed in some way towards modern day flatland, and give people somewhere they know they can visit and see daily updates, some times when your so close to something, it doesn’t seem great, but what is great is that there a new videos, and news about flatland almost daily, I guess it comes down to aesthetics, you like some things, you dislike others. But I try to present them in the hope they motivate someone out there.

Hope you enjoy the special anniversary edit!


58 thoughts on “Effraim Catlow – 3 years of Flatmatters!

  1. Congrats Effraim!! thanks for everything u do for flatland. From old school videos, to new riders videos. That is motivation for everyone!!

  2. Happy birthday indeed and a big applause to Effraim, sick calm controlling style, this vid will be replayed tonight again before my session. mile stone in flatland progression, rely nice result!!! cheers!

  3. Happy day of birth FM:) My daily fix of flat, great when I can’t get out to ride and keeps me motivated! May there be many more happy birthdays:) Keep up the awesome work Effraim!

    • Thank you everyone for the positive feedback, as i said when i started the blogspot site, “in it for the long haul”.., Really stoked how this edit turned out, and especially the ender, best thing ive done yet! Thanks again!

  4. Happy birthday Flatmatters & killer edit E!!
    When I got back into riding 2 1/2 years ago flatmatters & Effraim were a major part of getting me motivated & out there everyday. Thankyou Effraim

  5. i once found a bookstore in Atlanta that carried Ride UK and would buy it just to get your one or two page articles, plus the bonus of the occaisional rider interview. here we are 10+ years later, thanks

  6. big thanks to this site i started riding flat again after a 5year break ,im pysched to check this on the regs for all the realists out there documenting!peace homies

  7. Yo Effraim

    enjoyed the vid alot ! dont let another 6 yrs go by to hook up and make a web edit 😉

    congratulations with the 3 yr anniversary ( i copied that from above haha)!

    see you next year at the king of southsea !

    peace Gino

  8. E, HUGE props! Both for your perserverance with Flatmatters and your sick riding! Your steady updates and love for the sport is a great source of inspiration. I check in daily. Thanks mate!

  9. Thank you everyone for the positive comments! Really stoked on riding, and the feedback you all have given! makes it all worthwhile when I hear guys like John Yull and Amos Burke got back into riding partly as a result of flatmatters!!

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