Effraim Catlow Junglerider Holiday Bike check!

Last night was my first session onboard Martti’s Junglerider Holiday frame, I filmed a lil’ clip to celebrate the new ride!

Frame: Junglerider Holiday Frame 19.5 TT/13.5 back end.
Fork: Odyssey Flatland 17mm offset
Aheadset: United.
Stem: Bizhouse.
Bars: Ronin Big E’s. 24 wide, not cut down.
Griplocks: Ares.
Grips: Animal Edwin Delarosa.
Front wheel: Odyssey Hazard Lite, radial Lace 48.
Front Hub: Profile SS 10mm axle.
Front Tyre: Primo Comet 1.5.
Front pegs: Fly Viki Gomez.
Tubes: who knows.
Seatclamp: Profile Slim Jim.
Seatpost: Thomason.
Seat: Odyssey 99er.
Cranks: Profile 165.
Chainring: Profile Kevin Porter 25T.
BB: Spanish DK.
Chain: Z.
Pedals: Animal Hamilton.
Back wheel: G sport rim 48 Cross laced.
Freecoaster: Profile Nankai internals 10mm./11T Cog.
Back pegs: Fly Viki Gomez.
Back tyre: Odyssey Frequency G Prototype 1.75.
Chain adjustors: Internal.

Mods: Few headset spacers.
Gyro pad on stem.
One washer out of nankai internals.

Clip from last nights session…

9 thoughts on “Effraim Catlow Junglerider Holiday Bike check!

  1. Looks really nice Effraim how are you dealing with the straight downtube? I like the top tube/ head tube gusset.

  2. I forget the why the name Holiday, but I always think of that Madonna track too. The straight down tube is fine John, getting used to the longer back end, is main issue, i’m loving the extra room on the front. Feel more controlled.

  3. i love it pity its not Euro B/B ,but as frames go as geometry and practicality wise its awesome ,the paint job looks lovely real nice job 🙂

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