George Manos Bikecheck!

One of the best parts of making this blog, is the process of researching articles and finding out new things about new riders, who share the same passion as I do! I find this really enjoyable and very inspirational! Without further a due,  the second in the series of bikechecks is George Manos’ ride, if your saying who?? Check the links at the bottom of this bikecheck.

This guy to me is what flatland is all about!

Frame:Dragonfly solo mike s. signature frame 2008-09 model.
Fork: Odyssey flatland 41 thermal with offset.
Headset: FSA impact integrated.
Handlebars: Terrible one paul buchanan model.
Barends:Animal plastic.
Stem: Primo pro.
Aheadset: Look above.
Grips: Odi longneck.
Brakes: nope.
Tyres: Odyssey frequency G 1.85 p-lyte.
Tubes: Ordinary, Kenda I guess.
Pegs: hahhaaa.
Seatpost: Primo pivotal.
Seatclamp: Primo.
Seat: Macneil Collier signature.
Chain adjustor: Too old to remember.
Chain: KMC.
Cranks: Demolition LT 2.0 165mm with ti spindle.
Chainring: Profile 23T.
Pedals: Odyssey twisted plastic.
Rims: Front; alex supra j triple wall 48h(what?). Back; sun big city lite 36h.
Front hub: wethepeople pi hi flange.
Freecoaster: Federal 9t.
Spokes: mmm, good ones i guess..
Any modifications: well lots of them! I cut the bars about 1.5 inches,cut the seatpost,cut the back of the seat for better grapping,modify the freecoaster to the maximum slack,ditched pegs and brakes just to feel free,I run about 60 psi on the back tyre because i don’t like the stiffness of 100psi it also saves my freecoaster from getting direct pressure when I drop the back end hard, I moved my bars a bit forward it’s more comfortable,I have a homemade kneesaver on the stem.

Anything specific to you that you must have on your own ride:My homemade stickers need to remind me and giving me power,hahaha!.In general I want the bike to feel like strong and smooth at the same time, street and flat, i’m currently working on building a hybrid,a chimera..we’ll see!

Sponsors: Currently my parents,but I could use some corporate help!

Advice to beginners on bike set ups?
mmm i guess it could be good to try the standard set up at first, like what full factory bike has to offer(brakes, pegs etc) and then start ditching or keeping what feels comfortable with you and according to what kind of tricks you’re trying to learn!Keep open eyes and mind to everything you see, try what you feel curious about,it’s like trial and error process! That’s what i do,or perhaps I’m not the right person to ask!

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  1. Ya this dude motivates me to ride. Just seems like he is all about the fun and fuck anything else thats going around. Great mentality. Ride on

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