Guru Jam Diaries Part 2

Inside No handed Switch-b from Mr Purple, Bryan Huffman!

Second full day in Columbus Ohio and the rider attendance is growing by the minute, quite literally! And with that the sessions and atmopshere are getting more and more intense. Yesterday we saw the arrival of a whole posse from York, Baltimore, Chicago, Bryan Huffman, Dub, Jason Plourde, Tyler Gilliard, Jim McKay, James McGraw and many more!

Jason Plourde tore up the floor last night!

We scheduled a live flatwebtv chat with Anthony Buglio, to do our first Flatmatters pick of the month, talk all things Guru jam related, and announce my Deco hook up! Fun times at the Terradome! This place is so rad! Check out the show above this post!

Tyler G, mid xft steam whip combo! Unfortunately Tyler wasn’t rocking the Profile freecoaster, but reports he will running the prototype version from next weekend!

So stoked with the Deco hook up! As with all things Deco…..

Live link will be posted tomorrow!

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