How To Improve Your Riding Instantly With Only One Action!

Lionel Cardoso is back with another awesome edit under his “Freestyle Tactics” label. In the last video, he interviewed Matthias Dandois and Matthias talked about documenting his riding to help him progress. In this episode, Lionel goes deeper into the subject and discusses various different techniques that can help you to progress your own level of riding very quickly. Awesome stuff!

5 thoughts on “How To Improve Your Riding Instantly With Only One Action!

  1. Loved this Lionel. I used the technique of writing down combos pulled in a row in order to push myself to five in a row consistency when I was contest training. And when I looked back after contests sure enough the combos that were 4 out of 5 were the ones I messed up. This is really thought provoking once again, time to get back to the notepad!

  2. Good life skills I need to write more stuff down,I spend a lot of time on my phone in my car so I’m gonna replace that with pen and paper yoooo

  3. Well it is the age we live in. Sadly many have adopted the online way to communicate or express as the ‘new normal’, is ‘the only way’. Can see positives and the negatives with online. Nothing wrong with the old fashioned pen and paper though. But, it’s everyone’s choice.

  4. These videos are great for me.Minus York Jam 2017,I haven’t ridden with another flatlander in whats now 30(?… info I can get without actually being there helps a lot and thankyou for doing these.The biggest difference I’ve had so far is drinking more water and especially BEFORE coffee and breakfast and such,I have way more energy and at 46 working full time,I really needed that so thanks!

  5. I forgot to say, that before I even watched Lionel talking, I already had an idea about football analysis of games. It’s so true, that just 1 position of where we place our foot, our hands and how and where we pivot, can be the difference between pulling things off consistently or not at all. We may try the same thing for however long,& I think Lionel says that;& we keep making the same mistakes. So, filming can definitely help.

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