18 thoughts on “Inside the Ezra Freecoaster

  1. I got one already but haven’t ridden it yet. It is really light, especially for a full 14mm axle. It was only like 400 grams without the axle nuts.

  2. Rumor has it there may be different clutch plates available to change the amount of slack……. Otherwise there isn’t any way to adjust the slack. It also has 3 bearings in the driver and at least 2 in the shell. No weird sized bearings like most free coasters!

  3. I have 2 of them and set my dudes up with some as well. Rode mine for about 4 hours last week and had zero problems. Works so damn good! Best freecoaster I’ve run to date. AND, it’s silky-smooth unlike every other freecoaster on the market. Even with the chain super tight, it still spins forever. There will be different slack adjusters coming with the full-blown production models which will be available very soon but the stock amount of slack is perfect.

  4. I am loving this. Nice and compact. Original, smart design. I would imagine the Eclat would be pretty similar? Are these for sale yet??

  5. ive seen some unoficial bluprints of eclat and if they are true, eclats freecoaster is far from simple. but thats all unofficial so lets wait what they have for us…

  6. I rode Shane westons bike and the Eclat coaster was the best hub i ever rode. The engagement was rock solid, yet you can turbine pedal wheelies on the bike ( a trick that would usually cause the FC to engage unless you have a crazy amount of slack). It WILL be worth the wait,and I hope this one is just as good.

    • @Omari – Eclat although a street brand, is run by two flatlanders (Harry Schmidt and Klaus Dyba) so it would not surprise me that freecoaster is a success..

  7. I can’t see these companies making 10mm versions of these hubs. It’s much cheaper to go 14mm only and street is the biggest market for coasters now by far.

  8. Well maybe this will finally replace my KHE reverse! If the slack is realistically good as Omari says (truth, pedal turbines with a FC are sticky), then this sounds like a winner!

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