5 thoughts on “Jean William Prevost Interview – Presented by Skingrowsback

  1. Great interview. I liked the mention about the counter argument to originality. Like yeah, if flatland is only ever about being the best, most original rider, then why would anyone put the effort in to start? but I think a distinction can be made: as far as contests go, originality is the lifeblood and progressive side of flatland, so pros should definitely have a focus on being original or the sport/artform atrophies. But as far as just riding flatland goes, the emphasis should really just be about enjoying whatever it is you are doing (be it original or not). I can’t count how many kids see me riding flatland for the first time and one of the first things they ask me is “how much is your bike?” It’s sad really, how conditioned people are to only attaching value to something if it makes money or gains one some fame (which tends to equal money too). I almost always respond with my own question: “why do you ask?” They are usually stunned because the question has become automatic for most. But, if people can be brought to the recognition that they can just like riding because they like riding and not because they must have an expensive bike or do the latest trendiest tricks, I think that alone could lead to a much greater involvement–and make it so much more enjoyable and worth doing.

  2. SOoooooooooooooooooooooooo many good point ip!
    I’m stealing the “don’t plan things” phylosophy for meself, hope that’s aight with you ip!
    Actually totally agree with the RCS contest being a huge banger and then off; it’s refreshing.
    Kind of like flatland, all the top’s must fall.. In anything! Always be hard to be best, everyone cheering for everyone else to beat you!
    Agree also that tricks have personalities behind them. You can tell who someone is by how they ride!
    What makes a flatlander a PRO? Same here, word of mouth got me; whatever all the other riders said. We don’t have a system for anything!!!! It’s good only because anyone can do anything out there at a contest; imagine someone shows up with their feet on the ground and they are flinging their bike through the air and catching it with their hands behind their backs!!!!! ! Original, yes. HAHAHAHAHA SICK AS PUCK THOUGH!
    Don’t do it, Dubby boy!!!! Keep flatlanding just as you are!
    I thought it intuitive to realize that our friend ‘time’ has it in for us; I’m still struggling coming to terms with this. Well I can’t even run right now though, little alone ride: that’s very far off, we will see what time does with me.
    Believe it or not, before this interview, I had not once ever thought about IGI pegs in terms of how they would
    protect the hands over traditional walled ended peg which would get sharp and cut fingers off!!!!! SICK!!!
    Good man for thinking of sustainability. Off to a great start, world champ! HAHAHA SICK!
    Ya ip!
    I ride vicariously through you now. Than kyou brother.

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