Kaitaya Jam iPhone5 edit

Sweet new edit from some of the AresBykes crew, featuring York Uno,Yoshihiro Shinde, Hironao Doko, Katsushi Tanaka, and Katsushi Tanaka. Shinde brings back a trick I haven’t seen in over 20 years, the stem boomerang, I will be impressed if anyone can tell me who did it first, and what the trick was called?

4 thoughts on “Kaitaya Jam iPhone5 edit

  1. RL and the Xerox Machine I would say is correct…especially since everyone 20 years ago had front brakes and no one could stand on the stem. I thought maybe Chris Day did the Xerox Machine first though.

    Cool edit…I love weird two wheel tricks. Backwards, switch handed Swival anyone?

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