Lisias Tabarelli wins Originality # 1 Contest: KHE BIKES

Originality # 1 Contest: KHE BIKES “Lisias Tabarelli” from Lisias Tabarelli on Vimeo.

Lisias just won Jesse’s new Premium Lager frame! Here’s what Jesse had to say about the decision: “I had a difficult time on the judging of these hardcore riders, all of them had some originality that I was impressed by so I just wanted to say that all these riders will be doing really good things in the future, and I want to give all who participated in this contest big respect! Lisias really had the most original trick (the ‘two feet on the handle bar’ trick) that I have seen in a very long time so he got the title Originality#1.”

Lisias will receive the frame this weekend at the Worlds in Koln! Congrats!!!

9 thoughts on “Lisias Tabarelli wins Originality # 1 Contest: KHE BIKES

  1. Originality should mean never seen or done before , not never seen that trick in a very long time that means it’s been done before in a nutshell not original.

  2. Read it again Howard. That’s what I thought first time around too. Jesse is saying it’s the most orginal thing he’s seen in ages.

    Guy deserves the win. Really original style, sweet tricks.

  3. no i think alex jumelin was doing the one foot on the bar and scuffing…from what i’ve seen of him.

    anyway it makes sense that an original frame goes out to an original rider, it fits him well. well done !!

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