Martin Aparijo Interview! Old School Sunday Special!

Intro: Effraim.
Interview: Fred Penner + Guests.

Something a ‘lil different for this weeks OSS! To celebrate one of flatlands early pioneers 50th birthday! Fred Penner had the great idea to interview, The Chairman, Martin Aparijo for a Flatmatters Old School Sundays Special. Fred also invited the flatland community to ask questions to the man, and this is the result! Thanks Fred and the flatland community, this came out awesome!

Fred Penner: Biggest crowd you have ever performed in front of and where do you see flatland in 10 years, 20 years? What is Martin Aparijo’s life all about these days?
The biggest crowd was between 30,000 and 70,000 at the Anaheim stadium and Bercy stadium in France.
Right now there is no limit to where flatland freestyle can go. Dream big people.
My life is busy, busy, busy. Many things to be revealed.

Tod Miller: What are you most proud of in your Freestyle career? Do you watch modern flatland, and what do you think about it?
Most proud of the ability to still ride at my age.
Of course I watch modern flatland and I think it’s awesome and amazing.

Darold Innes: Being a pioneer in the sport, how many tricks did he invent and who and or what were his influences in the early days? How many sponsors did he have, which were his faves? What was the money like in the early days?
I’ve invented many tricks. I love to see people do front wheel grabs and lawn mowers. and vertical flatland tricks. I always have loved the cherry picker and chicken hook switch.
Back in the day we had up to 8 to10 sponsors; our main factory sponsor and co-sponsors. We made good money for riding a bike.

Mark Dandridge: What is the one most single stand out moment in your years of riding?
When I helped GT complete the #1 position across the board in every category. All riders did their job. BMX, trials, and freestyle.

David Larocca: I would ask what was happening in his life when he stopped competing?
From the time I stopped competing I continued doing shows nationwide for Vans and Gale Webb and also did TV and commercials.

Hugo Marin: What nationality (ethnicity) is he? What trick took him the longest time to learn. What trick did he always wanted to learn but didn’t/couldn’t? Worst injuries?
My nationality: I’m a mutt. HUGE MIXTURE.
I always wanted to learn nose manuals.

Worst injury?
Broken jaw.

Jeremy Jones: Ask the Chairman this: Would you ever consider showing up to a contest and compete in the Veteran Class?!? What is your favourite old school trick?
I’m not interested in competing again, but always open to opportunities.

Favourite old school trick?
180 to slider to backward wheelie to decade.

Patrice Appere: Among the foreign countries you’ve discovered while you’ve been doing shows “around the world”, what is your favourite?
Japan, France, and Mexico.

Todd Carter: There are already a number of great questions here, but here are a couple of others in case you need them. How did riding the Huntington Beach boardwalk influence your riding style? What was is like filming the opening and closing sequences in the iconic film Rad?
Huntington Beach to this day is still my favorite spot; so many great memories and great crowds.
The Movie Rad was just Rad. You had to be there to really understand. Too hard to put into words.

Jesse Puente: Do you still ride? Do you still Breakdance? 🙂 Do you still have the hair tail? What’s the future of Flatland to you?
Still ride. No breaking. No long tail.
The future of flatland is Bright. Allow no limits!

Robert Castillo: Any do overs? What’s your greatest accomplishment as a flatlander? What did Gary Turner & Rich Long mean to you (founders of GT BMX)? How did you feel when you first got a magazine cover? Favourite old school rider? Any tricks you invented but never could learn? What’s the next chapter I’m your life gonna be?
No do overs. I lived it and enjoyed it. I would not change a thing.
Gary Turner and Rich Long changed my life and for that I’ll always be thankful.
I’ve had many covers and they all were special.
My favorite old school rider: Steve Bennett.
I never learned bar ride kick spin but it’s never too late.
Next chapter in life is to… I’ll get back to you on that but do what’s in your heart and do it with all you got. You only got one life.

Thanks Martin! Was great catching up with you! Happy 50th Birthday!!!

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21 thoughts on “Martin Aparijo Interview! Old School Sunday Special!

  1. That was ultra cool.I will put a reference link to this Legend Interview on bmxfreestyler. I have waited years for this. Thank you Martin for your time. Thank you Fred for your leadership and Effraim for creating a gigantic platform for the community to come together. Inspiration is threw the roof!

  2. This was so very appreciated. Martin still riding is just as influential as when he was on the platform receiving accolades. Now, if I only get that Pro Performer…I would ride it as it was meant to be and not store it away.

  3. I also wish that they would do a remake of the GT Pro Freestyle Tour Team Model with modern updates. Colors: Pink and Blue. Graphics: 1987-1988 era. That would be so sick! That was one of the bikes back in the day that I always wanted!

  4. Martin not only still rides like he’s 20 but he still is the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. Happy Birthday again, hope you know how much the community loves ya bro.
    @Jeremy.. You need to go to the bmxsociety reunion in June. Martin and Eddie will be riding and Woody might be there. Many legends will be there just to catch up and enjoy the huge collection of chrome and bmx brotherhood has Eddie”s new bike for sale. A mix of the old performer with new updates.

  5. good to see martin is still enjoying bmx in his 50’s and be good to see more older pro interviews E.
    flatmatters does have a varied age group from teenage to 50+ so it would be good to have more for us oldies to still be inspired and /or reminise, and
    for the younger generations to learn a bit of history rider wise and trick wise.

  6. A Dennis McCoy interview would be cool. Maybe someone can try to persuade him to start entering flat comps again too or at least put the idea in his head. He was one of the most entertaining flatland riders of all time. His runs were always high energy. Flatland is still in his blood… never truly leaves anyone!

    I was talking to Rad Dad the other day and he came up with a great idea. At big contests like Voodoo we should have a “Pro Legends” class in addition to a regular “Pro Class” for the guys who helped push the sport to where it is now. How cool would that be?!?

  7. The reunion is in Whittier,Ca again this year in June. In the years past it was at Bellflower. There you can see the history of BMX with the 500+ bikes on display and a few legends riding flat and ramp. There’s also an old school reunion at Woodward West this month. Lots of top legends riding and hanging at Woodward, the event is invite only but I’m sure there will be some crashers.

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