Martti Kuoppa relaunches Junglerider!

Jungle Rider was first launched back in 2010 and was followed by a production of the “Holiday” frame. It was Marttis personal project around the times when he decided to go for a permanent vacation from competing and just focus on video riding.

This era with Jungle Rider frame remains one of the most creative eras in Marttis riding:

Now, 10 years later riders still talk about Jungle Rider. Riders are still asking frequently if the frames will ever be available again. After thinking about this one for awhile, it is time to do a full-circle with Jungle Rider and bring the iconic brand of Jungle Rider alive again!

However, this time the frame is limited to 50 pieces only (2 top tube sizes and 3 colors) and are available only directly from

The first ever Martti Kuoppa signature frame “MK” is here. Go order yours now because once the pre-order window closes, then the frame is unavailable again.

*Note: Martti never had a signature frame before. All the KGB frames were designed by Viki and the Jungle Rider “Holiday” frame was not officially signature frame of Martti.

2 thoughts on “Martti Kuoppa relaunches Junglerider!

  1. Jungle riders on the storm, took a holiday, but you couldn’t tell lookin at the vid. Masterful as always, holiday inn or out. Martii just took a hotel towel haha! Now this is 1 bad a rider if there ever was, wether you know where you are in Japan or anywhere.

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