Matthieu Bonnecuelle – Apostasy


It goes without saying the Heresy crew always manage to hit the nail on the head. Loving the dark aesthetic of this “Apostasy” edit filmed in 2014 featuring the FM 2015 Breakthrough Rider of the Year, Matthieu Bonnecuelle!

* Editors note: This is not a Heresy edit, this is a personal project for Matthieu.

33 thoughts on “Matthieu Bonnecuelle – Apostasy

  1. Riding is a perception when presented to a public forum. Some medium can be used to provoke within a known audience. From an outside observation the presentation can become convoluted depending on the intended audience. Picking that audience when it’s unclear can have a negative result. This edit won’t sell anyone on flatland. No one. That said….I love flatland, but this won’t convince any marketer to give two shits about flatland. As a matter of fact, it wouldn’t convince anyone to market flatland. I fall in that category so it doesn’t mean anything to me from that stand point. That said, I can respect the art approach and understand the interpersonal perserverance. It won’t sell bikes though.

  2. You’re so dark and no one gives a shit. I love this more than you know. I love the dark hardcore aspect of flatland but when running a business you have to present the feasible or achievable. This is not that and that’s why I love Heresy. It’s the anti marketing and brings what we do to be what it is. The ART. No money or marketing scheme can take the obvious difficulty away. That said….it doesn’t sell bikes….so think about that and the ego associated with that stance.

  3. Wow. Okay.
    That jesus stance and stuff, i felt a little awkward because of it.
    None the less good for you Matthieu, i know how you are in the real world and thats enough for me! Hope there will be a edit of tricks of you where i can see those crazy things without the flashing.( i know you wont read this)

  4. If I’m not mistaken…………I saw Alexis wearing an ENTOMBED shirt at I think Flat Ark 2014 ??!! That is ANOTHER reason I dig their company , one of my fav bands like 7 Horns 7 Eyes , Nile , etc ,etc !!!! Me , Nicola Olic , Brandon Woldridge ………….I think that might be it ………HAHAHAHHAHA , We love Death Metal !!!! Heresys riders oooozzzzzze some ORIGINAL/DIFFICULT/TECH riding , like this edit , RAD !!! By the way MR. FROST , your X-LEG HAMMERS/TECH ROLLING LINES freaking RULE , ALWAYS have ruled !!!! PLEASE drop some HAMMER lines for us fans of your riding since your SICK part in LAND ESCAPE B !!!!! Id love to see more of your riding on the net ,miss ya FROST !!!!!!!!!

  5. Matthieu is gona get looked up in an esilum if he is isent carefull hahaha this mixed with some tricks would be cool edit, but just flouncing round with your bike like that for the whole vid was just odd. I think Matthieu took the Hersey brief bit too far, next he will be slathering goats over the frame then doing peg wheelies

  6. George, you do the same thing. Trying so hard to be different it comes off odd. You’re not Paul Osicka and it’s been done. Let it go and just ride your bike.

  7. That was mean. George, you are different. I like your riding a lot. Some truth to what I said but you didn’t deserve that. I apologize.

    • I agree. well put.
      It challenges my aesthetic for sure.
      Sometimes that truth serum is a pill that’s hard to swallow.

  8. Aaron,i am letting aside all the ungrounded accusations, and i m telling you that you are missing the point ,which is freedom of expression,maybe a rider of your status should focus more on this expression and imagination and less on the negativity and judgement., then probably you’ll see another picture.

  9. Personally I DIG this edit , ALL of Heresys riders edits , Two footed, fork/front yard ROLL , hand on GROUND slider/forward revert , even the bike swinging thing multiple times , almost like a warrior SWINGING a sword ……the bike is like his weapon !!!!!!! Back in the 90s I LOVED videos like Dope Ammo , Ring The Gack , Release The Grease , Glote , Hoice , even Shutdown , Ellsworth Ells Bells Watson was a video genious , capturing BMX in a way that was WAAAAAAAAY out of the box/off the grid !!! This edit kinda reminds me of that !!!!! WIN/PROPS !!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Maybe I should focus more on being a better father, grand father, husband and overall dick. Apparently I am too old to understand art and other nonsense that annoys me.

  11. Guys, obviously Matthieu rides for HERESY but APOSTASY is personal project he put out on his own “label” called NUAGE BMX. Thanks!

  12. Art is an expressions of ones self. Flatland is an amazing art form that allows this. At the same time it can mean just Sport for others. I don’t know many Sports that can be the same as Flatland, but Ive always enjoyed individual expression from Flatland. The type of expression thats art and progressive. Ive always been drawn to riding because of that. I could name the riders but that’s not the point here.

    I love different riding and riders that push me to think about Flatland. Matthieu is one of those riders that push me and give me hope for Flatland BMX.
    Even if I find myself being pissed about something he puts out he’s forcing me to look at his riding from a positive standpoint and trying to draw something out of his edits.
    In a way he makes me turn my negative thoughts into positive ones to see what his edits are trying to say to me. Positive thinking can be difficult at times and visually if his edits are not that appealing I am challenged to work through that as a person and I like that challenge.
    Sorry so deep. 🙂

  13. Wow. Really enjoyed aesthetic of this edit. That said… I agree with Aaron Frost that this kid needs to sell more bikes. He should quit making “Art” and working on those complicated tricks and original variations and work on more flashy stuff that is easier for people to understand such as time machines. He can also appeal to a wider audience by getting really good at park riding instead of flatland. Another good way to sell a lot of bikes is to put superhero decals on them such as spider-man. Also, instead of bikes, sell scooters.

    • Not where I meant that to go. If anyone knows me they know I am anti marketing and spinning to win is not what I have ever been about. Sorry if that’s the perception I gave you.

  14. But I still don’t have to like the video or pretend I do and play slap ass. I have big shoulders and I don’t have to get approval from strangers on an Internet website. Good luck and have fun.

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