18 thoughts on “Must Watch! Adam Kun – “My Reality”

  1. look at 2:08 lol you just know when something is edited it got cut out with a new clip? Why cut it probably didnt landed it lolz good video thou.

  2. So Adam so why they didnt continue the pull out shot into the lights why cut it just weird it was the only trick that really got cut out with the effects that I notice. #justsaying

  3. Wrong. Only the First link was full at the start. The last Link they didnt need to cut and re-edit it makes it look like something went wrong and it had to be done over but couldnt be done so they had to film from the point he did the spinning gerator. Hey I like the video but I was just watching from a rider, video editor and viewer point of view. Nothing wrong with ones opinion.

  4. We’ve all seen him pull those combo’s numerous times on other videos. Even if he did touch on the ride out it wouldn’t matter to me because I have seen him pull it all before on video. So, it’s not like he just spliced a bunch of stuff together that he can’t pull. Like E said, the style of the video shows different camera jumps to different angles anyway.

    Honestly, I think this video is amazing. The camera angles, editing, riding, effects, etc… were all very well done… and the riding level is insane!

    Adam, please come to Voodoo Jam next year!

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