Must Watch! Brandon Derbowka – No handed Whiplash!

For years every so often, I tried this no-handed whiplash, but I’d get to the half way point and the bike disappears in front of me. Here, Brandon Derbowka gets it done in buttery style and it immediately looks like no handed multiple whiplashes are possible. Much respect to Brandon for getting this done and opening the door. I can see the flatland world trying this one today!

20 thoughts on “Must Watch! Brandon Derbowka – No handed Whiplash!

  1. Thank you so much E! I’m super stoked you like it! I might as well post cause I think a lot of guys are wondering. I have a very very light bike. It is about 15 3/4 lbs and I am pinching the forks with my feet. Just like Sam does with half packer whips. I don’t think this trick would be possible at all with a 30 plus pound bike like we had 10 years ago. Doubles are likely possible but crazy hard. Like 100 times harder than single was

    • I could see how you’d go through to multiples, adding no handed messiahs, using messiah techniques, such as no handed one foot. Keep adding to it. easier said than done of course. The possibilities are endless after seeing this. Truly groundbreaking.

  2. this is FANTASTIC! through the years i have also thought about different ways to do this because i love to kick into various things with a no hanged streamroller of sorts, but i would hit the same problem — the bike just folds over. i thought that a light bike + fork pinching might be a way to explore it further… but as effraim said — this was done so buttery smooth šŸ™‚ bravo brandon!

  3. Sam- you deserve props for this too! It’s just like your half packer whips! Mazar from Toronto also did full no handed half packer style whip a few years ago. I dont know if you guys are pinching forks completely or using your butt on the bars a bit.I got the idea that its possible from the unbike of all things. When I learned how to pinch the forks for hitchhiker I learned how to pinch for no handed fork glide on a real bike. 6 years pass and I re explored with my crazy light bike and when I hit single whip to hitch I knew it was there. Just didnt feel like sessioning it too much cause I fell down a few times.

  4. Cool! I’ve been waiting for this. I knew with the weights these days it was only a matter of time. Radical!!!

  5. There are definitely benefits to having a light bike. My friends like to make fun of me for having a 17.5 pound bike, but I really like it. Congrats on doing an impossible trick! Now go for multiples!!!

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