Must Watch! Jean William Prevost – Chillin’ in Chile

Chillin’ in Chile from Jean-William on Vimeo.

Killer edit from Dub soaking up some summer weather in Chile. The combo at 1:13 and two combos back to back in particular from 1:36 are mind boggling! Watch out for the flatland busking too! Go watch this right now! Dub is on fire!

17 thoughts on “Must Watch! Jean William Prevost – Chillin’ in Chile

  1. Seriously some company needs to sponsor this guy so he can keep pushing limits. With drive, dedication and skill like that he really ought to be on a payroll from some bmx company. Keep living your dream dub! It’s been an honour and a privilege to have been able to follow your progression.

  2. Those pivots seem so natural. I imagine that Dub just doesn’t walk in a straight line ever. He must just pivot every time he moves.

    I can’t wait to ride with him in Toronto.

  3. Sponsor this guy! 3rd place circle of balance .arguably one of the best if not THE best back wheel riders out right now.

  4. Hey guys, you really motivate me even more reading your comments! Thanks for the support. I guess that’s the goal of putting a video out there, because personally sometimes I don’t feel the progression from doing the tricks over and over again to get them right. I’m not living from what I’m doing there in the streets, though last year I paid my plane ticket back to Toronto with that money, but I had wasted alot of energy doing that and not practicing as I was hustling that shit 4 hours a day for 2 weeks before the comp, this time I will be only training. I only wanted to shoot it for the vid because it shows riders that there is a way of living from what u love even if you’re not a top rider or whatever. I’ll never give up to the 9-5 rhythm. Unless it’s to help out flatland some more. I’m working on some ideas, and have some prototypes out I’m testing. See ya’ll soon in Toronto, and thanks for the feedback. Much Love

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