Must Watch! John Yull – FINALE

John Yull smashes the ball out the park with this new “Finale” edit! From the opening double footed lawnmower stall head tube grab foot jam decade out at 00’18. I was gripped to this, and the bangers keep coming! What an incredible year John has had, massive respect! Hitting the rewind again!!

23 thoughts on “Must Watch! John Yull – FINALE

  1. Just road home 7 miles from work, in the pouring ran on the single speed in Brooklyn rush our traffic. Spent the day figuring out how one of our most in need students, all are very poor, can find temporary shelter because of a building fire that has left them homeless for the holidays. And suddenly, with one watch, feeling renewed. What an edit!!!! Happy holidays all!

  2. Absolutely a master piece. Blood, sweat, and tears for sure. Edit of the year!!!! Great work John. You make Texasflatanders proud.

  3. Bombs everywhere in this edit… might be an odd question to ask, but pretty shortly after I started pulling footjams years ago, I had to stop messing with them because jamming my foot into the tire started to hurt bad for some reason. Anyone else deal with this issue? If so, I’d appreciate any advice on technique, shoe selection, or whatever just so I can reinstate this trick back into my sessions. =)

    • @Ultraman Zoffy – I had the same problem when I used to do foot jam decades out of back wheel combos. What I know is that John uses a special brake plate, that narrows the gap so his foot doesn’t get jammed.And as you can see, it seems to work pretty damn well, I know Bobby Carter has the same thing also.

      • Thanks Efraim! I think I might’ve seen the plate on Bobby’s old ride a few years back… I’ll try rigging up something on my Blitz frame and report back. =)

  4. Man…..Im STILL watching his edit DECADES , by Jim Mckay STILL buggin out over it ! SO MANY original hammers in this from start to finish , just as Im SCREAMING at one ………….he drops another and another !!!! TO THIS DAY I still take slams on ONE decade that goes wrong ………hahahahahahaha !!! WITH A BRAKE …………………….not only are these moves Johns doing SUPER TECH/DIFFICULT , theyre sooooooooooooo and BURLY/DANGEROUS !! LOVE THIS !!

  5. This is inspiring. John basically goes into his garage and drops NBD’s. Amazing from start to finish. I have a lot of admiration for him as a rider.

    It was really nice for him to let me ask him questions at Battle in the Rockies. He was very polite and cordial. I’m looking forward to him accepting my friend request.

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