Lookback: October 2015 – The Flatmattersonline 2015 Year end awards

October was all about Flatark, all eyes on Kobe, Japan! But besides that what else happened in the month of October? Take a lookback…

On October 4th, Canadian Powerhouse Jason Plourde dropped a powerful back wheel line, as he warms up for Flatark in a few weeks, hit play!

A while ago we dropped the news Fabien Stephan was riding for Far East Cycles along with Dub and Benjamin Hudson. Now check his Welcome to edit, signature SF styles and amazing production in this one! Hell yes!

What a nice video to wake up to on October 7th! Heresy just released this amazing trick, no handed turbine whiplash anyone? Matthieu Bonnecuelle just unlocked a new door, the possibilities are endless!

Session edits seem to be a rare thing nowadays, so I was stoked to see this Thrilla in Manilla edit with Viki Gomez, Renz Viaje, Alan Alfaro & Aidwin Wing sessioning in Burgos, BGC, Taguig City after the Phillipines contest at the weekend. Good vibes and support for one another, pro rider responsibility in full effect!

On October 10th, James White dropped the second Level Vibes promo, hit play for a reminder on this one!

You could liken the UK flatland scene to a sleeping giant, plenty of talent all over the country but nowhere to showcase it. That changed with the vision of Matti Hemmings to try and get flatland included into the Cycle Show at the Birmingham NEC. Matti invited me to get involved and help with the organisation and promotion of the event, from our perspective anything that happened during the weekend was a bonus as before nothing has happened in years.
We are happy to say the event was a success, few lessons learnt and we plan on holding a series of events next year, thanks for everyones support! Lets do this, hit play and soak up the UK vibe! Thanks Jason Forde for this awesome edit, especially as he didn’t plan on filming!
Riders featured:
Josh Briars, Pinoski, Keelan Phillips, James White, Alex Jumelin, Matthias Dandois, and Martti Kuoppa.

From the opening downside whiplashes to half lash smith decade out I knew this was going to be a serious edit. And Art doesn’t disappoint, taking his brakes off seems to have freed up Arts style so much and the flow is so good to watch. Hit play and check out what I think is Art’s best riding to date!

Flatark is just over a week away, and the young rippers in japan will be out in force once again! You got to check out this awesome promo for the Ares STN 16″ Ex Frame featuring the amazing Minato Sato. Look out for the triple decade ender, so good!

Slick new edit out of Yasuhiro Uehara by Zanbu, smooth styles front and back filmed in one day. Well worth a watch!

Johann Chan set himself the task of nailing all his flatland combos on his overall bike that he rides skateparks and street on. And is arguably riding better than ever, even conquering his nemesis a double whiplash into a combo. Hit play for a really slick edit to start the week off nicely!

Alberto Moya is killing the edits recently and this one is no different! And also strikes a different chord from the norm, mixing in flatland sessions with himself, Varo Hernandez, Miguel Tardio and many others, street sessions in Valencia, and music at the bar. Real nice feel to this, hope to see more of this from Moya!

Darin Wright over at One Love in Nor Cal just sent in this tight edit and repo link from the Pistolero Jam in Long Beach, California last weekend featuring great riding from the likes of Simon O’Brien, Tim Knoll, Masashi Itani, Rich Slezak, Bobby Carter amongst others, hit the link below for the repo!

Wednesday 21st October will be remembered for a long time for this incredible Heresy Light edit featuring Alexis Desolneux, Sebastian Grubinger, George Manos, and Matthieu Bonnecuelle! Even with George getting injured 30 minutes into the trip in Vienna, all the team come up with the goods as you would expect, and then some! The limits of what is possible on bike just keep being broken! Mind blown today….
Here are a few of my personal highlights:
Sebastian Grubinger: backwards facing manual/backwards one foot/backwards facing manual at 2:42. Foot jam to pedal 5 foot plant 180 rollback to foot jam decade.
George Manos: Inside pedal No handed forward karl at 04:42!
Alexis Desolneux: Double xft around the bars whiplash backwards guillotine out.
Matthieu Bonnecuelle: Backwards facing jump lash at 2:12. landing xft inside peg!. Backwards whiplash to no handed backwards messiah no handed backwards facing whiplash out. And the ender, wow! Backwards xft messiah to xft backwards whiplash!

To celebrate Jeff Scheers’s 43rd birthday and 30 years of riding, Jeff put together this awesome edit that had my attention from the opening one handed stem boomerang! Definitely give this one your attention, lot of unique moves dropped in this one! Respect and happy 43rd birthday Jeff!

Nice autumn feel to this new progress report edit by Jason Forde, killing the back wheel at the TGM. Hit play for this one.

Pedro Melo’s amazing surfer nose manual went vital on instagram and social media last week. This trick was done back in the 80’s but as far as I know not held this long, Pedro Melo is a beast! Enjoy this if you haven’t already seen it!

The biggest contest of the year, Flatark went down in Kobe Japan at the end of October! Hit rewind on the final battle between Martti Kuoppa and Matthias Dandois!

Check this awesome personal project Thomas Deschenaux set himself last week, to film an edit of himself without a cameraman, the edit was filmed over two day spanning 5 hours. Needless to say this guys nose manual lines are amazing, make sure you give this one a watch!

Fresh back from winning Flatark in Kobe, Japan. Martti Kuoppa is already on the progression tip! Check out this amazing back to back double stem lash, wow!

Another day and another “Must Watch” banger from Martti Kuoppa. Leaves on the ground is not stopping him anytime soon, I know Scott Powell did this brakeless backwards stem lashes, but as far as I’m aware this the first brakeless double stem lash. Insane balance point, and another door opens!


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