Com’ in Lyon edit by Jean Bulhon

Jean Bulhon is on fire with coverage from last weekend’s Com’in Lyon contest and here’s raw contest edit with practise and contest footage featuring young buck Julien, Iñigo Arroyo Gutierrez, Remy Dunoyer, Josh Briars, Kevin Jacob, Markus Schwital, Anatole Rahain, Chris Bohm, Raphael Chiquet, and Saki Doumas. Enjoy this one!

Com’in Lyon Qualification Runs Part 3

As promised today we have more qualification runs from the Com’in Lyon contest. Check out the runs from Alex Jumelin, Matthias Dandois, Josh Briars, Sebastian Grubinger, Remy Dynoyer, and Charles Paty.

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Lookback: October 2015 – The Flatmattersonline 2015 Year end awards

October was all about Flatark, all eyes on Kobe, Japan! But besides that what else happened in the month of October? Take a lookback…

On October 4th, Canadian Powerhouse Jason Plourde dropped a powerful back wheel line, as he warms up for Flatark in a few weeks, hit play!

A while ago we dropped the news Fabien Stephan was riding for Far East Cycles along with Dub and Benjamin Hudson. Now check his Welcome to edit, signature SF styles and amazing production in this one! Hell yes!

What a nice video to wake up to on October 7th! Heresy just released this amazing trick, no handed turbine whiplash anyone? Matthieu Bonnecuelle just unlocked a new door, the possibilities are endless!

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Repo: Mayko Lee’s Birthday jam w/ Josh Briars Interview

Repo/Interview: Effraim
Photos: Sophie Whiting

You may or may have not seen Louis Gane’s Mayko Lee Birthday jam edit we published last night. The jam came about partly as a joke, after the Cambridge contest was cancelled, but gathered momentum as organiser Josh Briars found more riders into the idea. I had never been to Bristol riding before, a few messages went back and forth with James White and BMXism, so I thought this jam was the perfect time to meet up with some riders before the winter sets in and also get back into riding. Thankfully the weather was kind enough to us to get almost a full days riding in. I’ll keep my repo/intro short for once, I caught up with the main man Josh Briars to ask him a few questions and let him do the talking about the jam, read on.

Bristol local, Josh Briars carving into hitch turbines, read his interview below…

Firstly tell me about the jam Josh?
The jam was just put in place of the Cambridge jam which got cancelled. Also it was Mayko Lees’ birthday so that was the main emphasis on the whole thing. Turned out more people were interested than we thought so decided to make it a proper thing.

Really good laid-back vibe at your local spot, is the spot ever a bust, whats the deal?
The spot in Bristol is always pretty chilled. Occasionally events they put on down at Lloyds run over so it can close it off the area due to tents and stuff being set up. It’s makes summers a big difficult as so much goes on at that time of year. Security are good to us and its like an unwritten rule with flatland riders. They kick off the skateboarders and riders who grind stuff. Music is usually all cool and the jam was a test to see if they minded something louder. Think we can push it a bit more with the next one!

I had a great time riding in Bristol, enjoying my second day back riding, mid crackpacker turbine.

How is the Bristol scene, recently had the UK Flat Champs there, is the scene growing as result of that contest being there, having the jam, and regular spot to ride?
The scene in Bristol is getting good again now. People know about pthe spot a bit and the flat champs gave a reason to many to come down and get involved. we got a few new faces and more people taking an interest in general. It’s like a little community we have just trying to get everyone out when we can and the jam was like an extension of that. Spot is regularly available so I think more jams are on the cards, get the local scene bigger!

Do you ever get annoyed at the general public walking past and into you without a care in the world?
Haha, the public is an issue you learn to deal with. Sometimes it’s a joke as they’ll watch you for a while then just walk through you mid link and give you a look of “don’t get in my way.” Doing tricks in the way to see how close they are willing to get is a funny way to play with it! Generally though its look before a link then see if it works.

The Bristol jam was a great chance to see riders I hadn’t seen in years! Case in point, Jon Birts, still killing it, smooth as ever!

You got some dope prizes to give out for the jam, what was the deal?
Yea the prizes for the jam were a last minute thing as soon as we thought it was going to be something with a good turnout I sent out an email to clothing sponsor Trainerspotter. Gave them the info and they were really happy to help out and sent over an awesome collection of give aways. I don’t think any rider went away empty handed. Huge thanks to them for the support and getting involved. Check out for their range!

Are you planning more jams?
I think more jams will be the case. As the weather gets better then we will get something nailed down at a point when everyone is available. Got some ideas as well about events and locations if spot isn’t free. So I’d say keep an eye out for the next one and join Bristol flatland Facebook page to stay up to date with what were up to!

James Smith, made the trip over from London on his Harley! Cruising mid two foot backyard switch right here.

Any final shoutouts Josh?
Shout outs go to the Bristol crew, Jamie Young and the fam. Mayko Lee, Rusty, Tyler, George! Also just to Trainerspotter for being a huge help with everything and of course to all that attended! If ya couldn’t make it this time, then see you the next!!

The jam was a really good day and a chance to catch up with friends. Much respect to Josh Briars and locals for putting on the jam. If you missed the video, check the post below. Put a jam on in your area, and watch your scene grow!