Must Watch! – Shintaro Misawa – Just a scuff #1

just a scuff #1 from Shintaro Misawa on Vimeo.

Shintaro Misawa, one of the most technically skilled riders in the flatland game just dropped an amazing new edit! My morning got a whole lot better when this arrived in my inbox! Take a look and see what Shintaro can do with one scuff in his combos, the halfpacker switch to halfpacker at 00:42 is technically so hard but in typical Shintaro style, looks so easy.

12 thoughts on “Must Watch! – Shintaro Misawa – Just a scuff #1

  1. Shintaro has such a killer arsenal of tricks and techniecs! Always love to watch him ride live when he come to European contest! Great motivations this! Keep on flowing Shintaro!

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